Why is France so pathetic

In France, a hacker attack has been carried out on the website of the MPs who submitted the draft of the controversial genocide law. On the homepage of Valérie Boyer from the ruling UMP party, a Turkish flag was temporarily seen on a black background on Sunday.

In the accompanying message, alluding to the presidential election in France next spring, it said: "You French are so pathetic and pathetic that you despise the truth in order to get votes." The website of the MEPs from Marseille was then taken offline.

In the hacking message, which was written in English and Turkish, the Armenians living in France were also attacked. "You, the Armenian diaspora, are such cowards that you don't have the guts to open the Armenian archives and face the truth."

Boyer claims to have received death threats because of her proposal for the genocide law. Her family is also affected, she told a French radio station.

Boyer's bill criminalizes denial of genocide recognized in France. This includes the massacre of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire between 1915 and 1917. Turkey, as the legal successor, rejects the term genocide and estimates the number of victims to be significantly lower than Armenia.

After the law was passed in the French National Assembly, Ankara put political and military cooperation with Paris on hold and ordered the ambassador back home.

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