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What happened on ...: Calendar sheet 2020: September 17th

Berlin (dpa) - The current calendar sheet for September 17, 2020:

38th calendar week, 261st day of the year

105 days until the end of the year

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Name day: Ariadne, Hildegard, Lambert, Robert


2015 - FIFA releases its General Secretary Jérôme Valcke from his duties with immediate effect until further notice. The long-time FIFA official is accused of corruption.

2000 - After eightlings were born in Milan, four of the children died in the next few weeks.

1980 - Former Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza is assassinated while in exile in Paraguay.

1980 - A military court in Seoul sentences the opposition politician and later President Kim Dae Jung to death. In response to international pressure, he was later pardoned.

1966 - The first episode of the science fiction series "Raumpatrouille - The fantastic adventures of the Orion spaceship" is broadcast on German television.

1945 - The Americans and Soviets sign the Wanfried Agreement, which ends a dispute over the railway line from Göttingen to Bebra by swapping areas. This route was very important for transports to the American zone of occupation, but led about 4 km through the Soviet zone of occupation.

1945 - The first war crimes trial on German soil opens in Lüneburg against guards from the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Eleven SS members are sentenced to death.

1904 - The druggist Max Riese registers the «skin preservative Penaten Creme», which he invented, at the patent office in Berlin.

1787 - Delegates from twelve states in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, adopt the United States Constitution drawn up by a citizens' assembly.


1960 - Damon Hill (60), British Formula 1 racing driver, 22 Grand Prix victories in 115 Formula 1 races, 1996 World Champion

1950 - Narendra Modi (70), Indian politician, Prime Minister since 2014

1940 - Heidelinde Weis (80), Austrian actress (“Die Frau in Weiß”, “Nervenkrieg”, “Das Traumschiff”) and singer

1940 - Karin Reschke (80), German writer («heart poisoning»)

1935 - Serge Klarsfeld (85), French lawyer and historian (work «Vichy - Auschwitz.»)


1997 - Red Skelton, American film and television comedian («Bathing Venus», «The daring men in their flying boxes»), born in 1913

1995 - Friedrich Schütter, German actor and artistic director, founded the “Junge Theater Hamburg” together with the actor Wolfgang Borchert, which was renamed “Ernst Deutsch Theater” in 1973, born in 1921

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