How do I learn spoken English efficiently

How can you learn English faster?

The answer is: TALK A LOT!

English is the third most widely spoken language in the world. Those who don't speak English these days miss out on countless advantages at work, when traveling and with friends. Without English - nothing works anymore.

It usually takes 3 to 6 months to learn English to a level that allows you to chat while on vacation or with friends. In order to be able to speak English fluently and to build up a solid vocabulary it takes an average of 6-12 months. But if you speak a lot every day, you can learn English much faster. But, not every language learning method works as well for every student. That is why it is said “try is better than study” - find the language course that best helps you to speak English faster.

Summarizing speaking on the subject of English,

we can say that you speak englishNot times just in10 or30 dayscan learn. Unfortunately, something like that is often said in language courses.In 3 months but already onedecent language skills however, it is very possible to build it up.In 6 - 12 months one can speak the english language however already learn very well.

To alanguage however tooperfect it can take even longer. Above all, it is important to work with a good language course that focuses on the essentials of the English language.

In the end, however, everyone needs a different amount of time, but with the best language learning method for you, you can ensure that you use the time invested in learning the English language as effectively as possible.

English is definitely one of the easiest languages ​​to learn, simply for the reason that you will meet many people with whom you can practice the language. In addition, you can make some mistakes in English and still be well understood. That is why English is also perfect for learning languages.

To learn English faster and better

we developed the NLS method. This method focuses on learning to speak the English language as quickly as possible. This can be achieved in an average of 12-24 weeks. You can try the method here for free to see if NLS works as well for you as it does for our 17,000 NLS fans

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If I can do it, you can do it for a long time!

Learn English faster? - How does it work?

The NLS team has tried and tested countless language learning methods itself over many years. From our own experience and from customer feedback from over 5,000 NLS enthusiasts, we have studied and combined the most effective approaches. The result, the NLS language learning method, is a practical and everyday-oriented method to learn to speak English fluently really quickly. No matter whether young or old, with talent or without talent. NLS is guaranteed to help you learn the English language.

But how long does it actually take to learn English?

That is the question that many have asked themselves before. Because if you want to learn a new language you usually have little time for it. Of course, we would like to be able to learn English faster and faster. Unfortunately, due to a lack of patience and the well-known lack of time, many students break off learning the language after a few days or weeks. One reason for this arefalse expectations and promises! - It is a great lie and ploy for better marketing to say that you can learn a language in no time;best of all while still asleep. Unfortunately, many language courses still claim that, for example, English can be learned quickly and easily in just 10 days.

We at NLS (Natural Language System) tell youhonestlythat this cannot be possible. Because while you may be able to ask directions in 10 days, you will most likely not understand the answer, let alone have a conversation to learn and understand local tips and advice from locals or to make new friends.

Our experience in learning languages ​​shows

that our customers, whether young or old, are able to learn to speak English with the NLS LANGUAGE COURSES or directly abroad in an average of only 3 - 6 months. At this point, of course, it must be honestly said that the pronunciation is not yet perfect and that some mistakes have been made. But if you deal intensively with the new language and try out and use it a lot, after this time you will be able to make new friends in the language you have learned and to talk to people. You will be surprised how much faster you can learn English if you speak regularly and a lot! It is certainly not possible to learn English in just 10 days. But if you spend at least 10 minutes of your precious time practicing each day, you will see progress quickly. The secret lies in continuity. Unfortunately, it only takes a day 4 hours Cramming vocabularyto forget everything for the rest of the week. A little bit of speaking every day will help you learn a lot more languages.TRY IT FOR FREE

Now I finally speak good English and don't have to hide anymore. Thanks again to the NLS team for the support!Daria

Hey guys, that really worked. If you think about it, your method makes sense. It's not just a business English course, but it helped me a lot. The first bonus was already there, THANK YOU !!!David

After 1 - 2 months and diligent learning, things really made noticeable progress. When I speak English now I am much more confident and relaxed. The first compliments have already been given and the next language follows.Mario

Read the exciting story in your preferred language and internalize the most important words for daily conversations quickly and easily!

Listen to the exciting story as an audio book! Get used to the correct pronunciation and improve your listening comprehension!

Start speaking actively and using the vocabulary you have learned! Learn to speak your preferred language right from the start!

What are general methods for learning faster?

The secret are small units and, above all, regular contact with the new language you want to learn. If you are one of the successful people who have stayed 3 months and decide to move on, then in the next 6 to 12 months you may be one of those people who do not tell at the first word that English is not their first language . Based on our experience we can say that it is possible to learn a language well in about 6-12 months, so that you can really talk freely, make jokes and understand, but also discuss challenging topics. People who can talk quite well in 3 - 6 months all have one thing in common: They talk and try out the new vocabulary and sentences from the beginning and are not afraid of making mistakes, because they know that making mistakes is completely normal and part of learning. Actually, you should be grateful for every mistake you make and correct, as it will help you a lot in learning and understanding the new language. So you can learn English even faster.

The time it takes to learn English also depends on the language learning method.

Often, language courses focus too much on learning grammar and then neglect the importance of listening and, above all, speaking. It seems to be assumed that if you know all of the grammar rules in English, then you can speak the language too. But that's really not the case, because language comes from speaking. If you are unable to communicate in the language, in our opinion you have not yet mastered the language. With all the rules in your head, you often block your own speech and need twice as much time in retrospect to forget all of them again and of course to be able to apply them without thinking. Speaking is a matter of habit. Neither you nor anyone else can translate vocabulary in your head, apply grammatical rules and follow a conversation and also contribute to it. You need to be able to apply the rules of a language naturally without thinking. You just have to feel how it "sounds" right in order to be able to relax and enjoy the conversation. In addition, the sooner you start, the sooner you will learn English.

In addition toNLS language learning method it is very effective to have small conversations with yourself, loudly or in your head, in order to simply try things out freely and see where it is still hanging. Even better if you have someone who can speak English to you. If you can speak the language right from the start if possibletry a lotandspeak out loud even if you only have a few words at the beginning, you will make progress much faster.

Why do you often learn the language so quickly in relationships?

You just have onerelaxed andtrustful Ambience around, dares to try the language and is (hopefully) lovingly and tirelessly corrected and encouraged. But of course none of this is of any use if you don't talk to each other in English.