How do you get over an affair

I can't get over his actions ...

I met a man again a long time ago, then I've known since my childhood. After that we kept in touch every now and then. He wanted a relationship, I didn't. I had feelings for him, but I was terrified that he would hurt me.

The contact was then broken off because he had an affair without telling me or he assured me that there would be nothing. It had to be clear to him, however, that I would notice because I know her and a friend has seen them several times picking them up, etc. He wasn't obliged to do anything, but I was devastated anyway, precisely because he was me also lied and at the time I was still struggling not to enter into a relationship while he was already having sex with someone else.

After weeks we got in touch again. Written again and again. Every time there was anger because of the same thing: He contacts me, we write a little. And at some point there is simply no more answer, even when it comes to matters of the heart. He can imagine that I'm waiting for an answer and that it hurts me not to get one. So he knowingly accepts to hurt me.

I just can't get over the fact that he dares to treat me like that. Sure, in principle he is under no obligation to me. But my heart bleeds every time. I wouldn't have had any contact with him for a long time if I didn't believe that there was something between us. But I'm probably wrong. (Not that you get it wrong: I don't want a relationship with him, but he's someone I like and enjoy being in contact with)

What do you think about it?