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Translation of "i got a boner" in German

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I've done so much good today, I.'ve got Like a soul boner.
I've done so much good today, I.'ve got Like a soul boner.
The idea that I have a boner and you have a boner and he has a boner and we're all sitting there with boners in our pants ...
Apparently death by hanging gives you a boner.
You're the first chick over forty to give me a boner.
I'm not gonna go out there with a boner.
I think you're giving me a boner.
But everyone gives you a boner.
A quarterback's like a boner in a whorehouse.
A quarterback is like a stand in a slut house.
Every guy in school has a boner for her.
Everyone in school stands on them.
It's weird having a boner watching Willie Nelson on TV.
Strange to see Willie Nelson on TV a latte to watch.
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