What is the best Spyderco knife

Spyderco knives: popular and distinctive

Sal Glesser, the Spydiehole and the history of Spyderco

One of the most important people in the world of knives is Sal Glesser. In 1976 he founded Spyderco with his wife Gail. In 1981 Spyderco produced the first pocket knife, the C01 Worker. This knife became famous for the round hole in the blade. The hole was specially designed so that the knife can be opened with just one hand. This hole, also called Spydiehole by fans, is still the most important feature of a Spyderco knife today.

It all started with a small, converted van. With this they drove all over America to sell their products. Today Spyderco works with factories all over the world, in China, Japan, Taiwan, Italy and of course America. Often even in collaboration with famous knife makers and designers. Sypderco is also very popular with the American Army and with many first aiders around the world. If not American succes story is, then we don't know what to do next.

Spyderco steel grades: only the best for a Spyderco knife

Spyderco is a master at steel. There is no other knife brand that has used so many types of steel in their series knives. Mainly we see steels like 8Cr13MoV, VG10, CTS-BD1N and CPM S30V. High-quality and exotic types of steel such as CPM REX45, Damascus, CPM S90V, Böhler M390, CPM CruWeaR and many more are more likely to be found in sprint runs and flash batches. Looking for an all stainless steel? Then take a look at the Salt series with H1 and LC200N steel!

But Spyderco doesn't stop there. You are also developing your own types of steel, such as the SPY27 steel announced in 2020. This is a collaboration with Crucible Industries. SPY-27 is a cobalt reinforced stainless steel and is slightly better than the popular S30V and S35VN steels.