What is the best hemp oil

The 5 best hemp oils tested in 2021

Fortunately, the days when the hemp plant was stigmatized are long gone. In addition to the hemp powders and CBD oils, there is another product on the market that is the beneficial effects of hemp makes use of. We are of course talking about Hemp oil respectively Hemp seed oil, which knows how to inspire on the one hand as an exclusive ingredient in the kitchen and on the other hand as a cosmetic home remedy. Of course, this hemp product is also completely free of the intoxicating THC, so it unfolds no psychoactive effect.

Much more, this is an exciting one Rarity for the kitchenwhich, among other things, inspires cooking and baking as well as cold dishes, but at the same time can be used externally from a cosmetic point of view. Since hemp oil costs more than classic, simple cooking oil, the exclusive ingredient is usually sparingly used. That's because the hemp seed oil is one quite distinctive taste of its own owns. If used correctly, this can provide another interesting note, but should not be too present - especially if the hemp oil is combined with salad, as is often the case.

Because there are many different manufacturers on the hemp oil market, it only makes sense to take a closer look at the particularly good products. With regard to the qualitative differences, there are some aspects to consider when buying hemp seed oil - only in a high quality, with previously just as well thought-out processing and a corresponding production chain, the hemp oil can develop its beneficial properties in the kitchen and at the same time the taste buds as well as the skin inspire.

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Test reports hemp oil / hemp seed oils

  • vegan product without gluten and cholesterol
  • from Czech agriculture
  • 82 g of unsaturated fatty acids per 100 g
  • from organic cultivation with organic seal
  • optimal ratio between the fatty acids
  • very good price / performance ratio

Everything to do with hemp oil - the often better cooking oil!

Don't worry, because of course hemp oil is not a forbidden product! It bears its name because its origins go back to the hemp plant. However, it does not contain THC, the “high” -making substance. But there are many other important ingredients that advance to a real benefit for the body and the skin.

The exquisite oil delights fans with a lot concise, nutty tastethat looks extremely natural. This is not surprising, because the hemp oil is obtained from the seeds of the cannabis sative plant, whose history as a medicinal herb goes back more than 4,000 years. Long forgotten or associated exclusively with the misuse as a drug, hemp is now celebrating a comeback - among other things via CBD products, protein-rich hemp powder or, as here, via the exquisite hemp oil.

Scientists and nutrition experts, however, agree: Hemp oil is one of the healthiest edible oils in the world and has many advantages over cheaper oils. The hemp oil is used in the kitchen as an ingredient or in cosmetics via an external application on the skin. All in our test to the five best hemp oils The products mentioned can be used on the skin in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom - with just one purchase you cover both areas of application comprehensively.

Danger: You should use the hemp oil described and tested here (often referred to as "hemp seed oil" or "hemp nut oil") Not confuse it with the CBD oil. Contain hemp oils no cannabidiol and are therefore not classified as CBD oil. For this reason, the hemp oil can already be purchased at a much cheaper price than the relatively expensive CBD oils.

What makes the high-quality hemp oils so desirable?

Fans of hemp oils can be found around the world, in the kitchens of the world as well as in beauty salons or bathrooms at home. The use of hemp seed oil promises many noteworthy advantages, almost all of them are based on the ideal ratio between the fatty acids contained. Above all, the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are contained in the hemp oil in an ideal ratio to one another, which means that they are extremely effectively absorbed by the body and at the same time serve to balance the body's own fatty acid balance.

So that the hemp seed oil is convincing across the board, attention should be drawn to the typical signs of high quality. These are among others:

  • a pure organic quality, with useful plants from organic cultivation
  • the highest possible proportion of valuable fatty acids
  • a cold pressing, ideally once
  • Hemp oils should not be refined, otherwise they will lose their fatty acids
  • chemical additives have no place in hemp oils

It is also recommended that the hemp oil is packaged in a jar, as it will better preserve its valuable ingredients. Without wanting to reveal too much beforehand, you can be absolutely certain that all of our listed hemp oils meet the above criteria 100% - after all, it is not without reason that they are the five best products on the market in our opinion.

The test criteria for our comparison at a glance: This is how we tested the best hemp oils!

The essentials in brief:

  • only cold-pressed oils have the highest percentage of fatty acids
  • they fulfill many important tasks in the body and organism
  • it may still contain additives such as vitamins or minerals
  • In our test we only offer products of pure organic quality

So that you can get an overview of how we have tested the coveted hemp oils, we would like to list our criteria at this point in a transparent form. Apart from this, your personal preferences also play a role, for example whether you are only considering products from Germany, whether you prefer a larger or smaller pack size or the intensity with which you want the nutty taste of the oil.

Trying out hemp oils is not a bad thing, even if you have already had good experiences with one oil - you may even like the taste of another oil even better!

Our criteria and rubrics for the test are therefore as follows:

  • Ingredients: Undoubtedly the most important criterion, after all, a hemp oil will only develop its health benefits if it is based on high-quality and optimally coordinated ingredients. We therefore show you how the oil is composed and how the composition is to be assessed in a cross-market comparison. In addition, in this section we deal with the production of the oil, which has a direct effect on the quality of it.
  • Packaging and manufacturer: With hemp oil, the packaging is a little more important than with other edible oils, so that UV radiation does not literally "burn" the important ingredients before they are even used. In addition to the packaging, both from an aesthetic and practical point of view, we also deal with the manufacturer and what there is to say about them.
  • Applications: For which areas of application is hemp oil suitable and are there any restrictions on use? We enlighten you!
  • Price-performance ratio: Even such healthy and valuable products as hemp oil must remain affordable. Therefore, we compare the prices of the product with other candidates in our test and also with the market in general - finally we give our objective summary!
  • Testimonials: What do other customers and buyers say about the product? Are they satisfied with it, do they have something to complain about or do they particularly praise selected aspects? We have scoured the Internet and various dealers for you in order to give you an overview of the experiences of other buyers.

Organic hemp oil real cold-pressed 500g by Chiron

Our recommendation: Our test winner comes from the well-known manufacturer Chiron and reaches with regard to the unsaturated fatty acids absolute top values! A transparent production in Germany and a fair price inspired us just as much as the taste and the diverse areas of application.


At first glance, the high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids per 100 g of Chiron's organic hemp oil is noticeable. According to official certification and laboratory test values, this reaches a value of 90.2%, which in turn corresponds to 90.2 g per 100 g. The fatty acid content can therefore definitely be assessed as “excellent” and played a key role in awarding the gold medal to Chiron.

With 500 ml, the hemp oil is also very economical. Another special feature, however, becomes apparent when taking a closer look at the ingredients. Chiron's hemp oil, which is of course organic, contains around 2 to 4% of the rare gamma-linolenic acid. This is considered to be particularly healthy and works wonders, especially when used externally on the skin.

The proportion of omega 3 acids corresponds to about 20%, overall, an optimal ratio of 3: 1 between omega 3 and omega 6 is set. Thus there are terms of the ingredients nothing to complain aboutOn the contrary, because the organic product from Chiron shows itself from its best side, whereby the manufacturer obviously knows what is important when it comes to hemp oil and the processing of it.

The hemp oil has not been refined and instead cold-pressed. This ensured that it reached its high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and that gamma-linolenic acid was not lost. In this category, our test winner is also the individual leader!

The full composition of the ingredients is broken down as follows per 100 g:

  • 884 kcal calorific value
  • 9.8 g of saturated fat
  • 53.6 g of omega 6
  • 23.4 g of omega 3
  • 3 g of gamma linoles

Packaging and manufacturer

Chiron is one well-known German brandwhich offers, among other things, hemp oil in organic or non-organic quality. The non-organic version is a bit cheaper, but we definitely recommend the 100% organic product presented here. The hemp seed oil is delivered in a tinted glass bottle with a practical screw cap. Thanks to the tinted glass, the UV rays cannot damage the unsaturated fatty acid compounds, but we recommend storing the oil in a dry place and protected from the sun - for example in a kitchen cupboard or on a shelf in a small niche.

From an aesthetic point of view, the organic hemp oil from the Chiron brand is a very ordinary product. The strengths are therefore definitely in the "inner values", less in the "external".


Due to the high content of gamma-linolenic acid, this organic product is recommended as an edible oil at the same time for external use on the skin. As an edible oil, it delights with a very pleasant, soft nutty taste, the gamma-linolenic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and at the same time provides a pleasantly subtle shimmer without the skin becoming greasy or shiny.

Price-performance ratio

The Chiron organic hemp oil has a fair price. Measured against the high quality, the hemp seed oil can be rated as “very good” in terms of its price / performance ratio. On Amazon it is labeled with an MSRP of 16.95 euros, and in addition to the individual bottle, it is also available in packs of 2 or 3 - perfect for everyone who wants to save a supply and save something at the same time. The price per 100 ml is around 2.58 euros.


The Chiron organic hemp oil is a very well known and valued product, which consistently achieved top ratings. It currently has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with more than 80 percent of buyers giving it an excellent rating and 5/5 stars. Numerous customers and buyers are enthusiastic about the hemp oil, praising both the gentle nutty taste and the ideal composition of the ingredients. Buyers who use it on their skin also positively report its anti-inflammatory and beneficial effects.


Our Test winner has honestly earned its gold medal in a large comparison of the five best hemp oils. An ideal ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, a high concentration above 90% of unsaturated fatty acids and the availability of gamma linolenic acid are just some of the strong arguments in favor of buying Chiron organic hemp oil. Because it also impresses with a very good price / performance ratio, the pole position was secured in our test.


  • ideal omega 3 and omega 6 ratio
  • 2 to 4% of the rare gamma linolenic acid
  • pleasant nutty taste that does not appear penetrating
  • in a UV-protected bottle
  • available in practical storage packs
  • Organic quality from Germany from a well-known manufacturer


  • none, we love this product!

Hemp oil 500ml cold-pressed organically grown by Wohltuer

Our silver medal and thus the runner-up does not have to hide from the front runner. The beneficial hemp oil from Austrian agriculture inspires with a chic presentation, 100% organic quality and an equally high concentration of the important unsaturated fatty acids. In 2018 it was awarded the gold medal by the DLG - so we are not alone in our opinion!


Rich in high quality fatty acids - this is how the manufacturer advertises its product. We can definitely endorse that based on our test, because the essential, polyunsaturated fatty acids can get along with their Concentration beyond 90% really let you see. Again, as with the test winner, attention was paid to an ideal ratio between the important omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Alpha-linolenic acids are also included.

The product comes from organic Austrian cultivation and is produced in Germany. It is a certified organic quality, which is 100% maintained.

The manufacturer himself gives a consumption recommendation of 10 to 15 ml daily, which, among other things, covers the need for important, high-quality fatty acids. The ingredients were also cold-pressed and processed in raw food quality so that they can show their best side in the finished hemp oil.

All ingredients as well as the finished product are free from additives, are residue-controlled and certified as "pure natural products". Neither gluten nor lactose are used. As is often the case with hemp seed oil, the Wohltuer organic product is also a first-class alternative for vegetarians and vegans.

The complete list of ingredients per 100 g is as follows:

  • 819 kcal calorific value
  • saturated fatty acids 9.4 g
  • unsaturated fatty acids 82.1 g

Packaging and manufacturer

The “Wohltuer” have taken their name to heart with their own organic range. The manufacturer is known for this in its products sustainable quality to ensure that even strict quality criteria and the highest standards are fully met. Another eye-catcher, apart from the quality of the hemp oil already described, is the packaging.

The hemp seed oil comes in an almost completely black bottle with a matching green print and a few optical accents in black and / or white - the golden cap sets another exclamation point. Thanks to the very high-quality packaging, Wohltuer hemp oil, which was of course cold-pressed, deserves the award of "optical test winner".


Because of the ideal Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio as well as the alpha linoles, the beneficial hemp oil is equally suitable for internal and external use. The manufacturer recommends a daily intake of between 10 and 15 ml in order to provide the body with enough unsaturated fatty acids and thus to support the own organism. When used externally, a small amount is enough to distribute it on the face, massage it in slowly and benefit from the calming and anti-inflammatory effects.

Price-performance ratio

At the moment, the Wohltuer hemp oil is sold at a price of 15.77 euros on Amazon. Savings options or advantage packs are not available. Since several retailers carry the Wohltuer product in their range, there can always be slight changes in the price in the short and medium term.The price would be around 3.03 euros per 100 ml, which is slightly more expensive than our test winner.

Because of the high quality and the chic packaging including the glass bottle, the price / performance ratio can still be described as "good" and "fair", whereby Wohltuer hemp seed oil is definitely one of the more expensive products on the market - the quality justifies this price In my opinion, however, 100 percent!


With currently 40 ratings, Wohltuer organic hemp oil has an average rating of 4.4 with a maximum of 5 possible stars. This is an excellent result, especially since more than 80% of all buyers rate the product with 5 stars - negative ratings are sometimes only aimed at the retailers who sold the product, but not at the product itself. In general, the brand enjoys you very much good reputation and at the same time looks quite modern, which is certainly beneficial to the perception of organic-conscious buyers. The excellent reviews at Amazon and Co. thus underline our test result.


A second place that does not have to hide from the front runner: The beneficial hemp oil ticks off all the criteria that a high-quality hemp oil must meet. In the end, it just didn't make it to first place because of the slightly higher price, but the product itself is convincing across the board. For everyone who would like to try hemp seed oil or already have one and are looking for a different product, Wohltuer hemp oil cold-pressed 500 ml from organic cultivation in Austria is definitely worth considering. The very high quality packaging and glass bottle aptly rounds off the very good overall impression.


  • Over 90% content of high quality fatty acids
  • with alpha-linolenic acid
  • Delivered in a very chic, tinted glass bottle
  • from controlled, organic cultivation in Austria
  • with a production in Germany
  • Awarded the gold medal by the DLG in 2018
  • mild, nutty taste


  • slightly higher price than our test winner

GloboVita hemp nut oil "THE OIL" 500ml native from Duowell

With the GloboVita hemp nut oil "DAS ÖL" 500 ml we award the bronze medal in a large test and comparison. The product originating from Germany impresses with a very good price, was of course cold-pressed to come with or over 90% share of unsaturated, valuable fatty acids. It was particularly noticeable in the test because of its tart, nutty taste.


The GloboVita GmbH Duowell hemp nut oil bottle holds 500 ml, of which around 90% is accounted for by valuable unsaturated fatty acids and a little more than 9% by saturated fatty acids. In addition, hemp oil has around 20 times as much omega 3 fatty acids as would be the case with ordinary olive oil. The composition of the amino acids or fatty acids is therefore to be assessed as “excellent”, as is the case with every project with 90% or a higher concentration. All raw materials are processed in raw food quality using the cold pressing process, so that the valuable ingredients are not lost during production.

Production and cultivation take place in Germany. As a result, this hemp oil is subject to the strict regulations of the legislature. Furthermore, a 100% organic quality guaranteed.

The oil is not refined, which is beneficial for the composition of the ingredients. At the same time, the GloboVita GmbH Duowell hemp nut oil is free from gluten, lactose and animal substances, which makes it recommended for vegetarians and vegans.

The complete list of ingredients per 100 g is structured as follows:

  • 891 kcal calorific value
  • 99 g fat
  • of which 9.2 g are saturated fatty acids
  • 15 g on monounsaturated fatty acids
  • and 75 g are polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are represented at 17 g
  • Omega 6 fatty acids at 58 g

The ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids thus largely corresponds to the ratio of 1: 3 recommended by experts, which above all efficiently compensates for deficits in traditional nutrition.

Packaging and manufacturer

GloboVita GmbH is a German manufacturer that works transparently and has also been registered as a GmbH. This means that those responsible for the GmbH can also be seen, for everyone who would like to make a name for themselves. The manufacturer is to be regarded as reputable and is active in various areas of dietary supplements and ingredients. With his name, he is responsible for controlled organic cultivation as well as independent third parties who regularly check and evaluate it.

The packaging of GloboVita GmbH Duowell hemp nut oil is kept simple, but it is by no means unsightly. The hemp oil comes in an almost black-tinted bottle with an equally black cap and a large print of the hemp nuts or seeds. The organic seal is clearly visible on the lower side of the label.


This hemp oil is mainly used in the kitchen. Since there are no other ingredients such as gamma-linolenic acid in higher doses, it is not quite as effective on the skin as our test winner and runner-up. A use there is definitely possible and will be good for the skin.

In the kitchen, the GloboVita GmbH Duowell hemp nut oil is particularly popular because of the very intense nutty taste, which is wanted by the manufacturer GloboVita. You are consciously promoting the product as an alternative for vegans and people with an allergy to nuts. So if you like a nutty taste but are not allowed to eat nuts yourself, GloboVita GmbH Duowell hemp nut oil is a practical alternative. When used on the skin, it was also positive that it is absorbed very quickly.

Price-performance ratio

The hemp nut oil is sold on Amazon with an RRP of 12.95 euros, but is always available at a price of 11.99 euros. So if you keep an eye on the price, you can even save. Due to the packaged quantity of 500 ml in the bottle, this results in a very good price from 2.40 euros per 100 ml, which can also be seen here in the test of the five best hemp oil products. However, other savings options, such as reserve packs or savings subscriptions, are currently not available.


The previous buyers are enthusiastic about the GloboVita GmbH Duowell hemp nut oil, which can best be seen in the excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. At the moment there is only one of the 17 reviews that does not assign 5 stars and thus pulls the average down a bit. The oil is praised both in the cold kitchen and when used externally. Some buyers criticize that the closure could be of a higher quality.


Our last place on the podium in this big comparison goes to GloboVita GmbH Duowell hemp nut oil, which of course doesn't have to be ashamed of its bronze medal. A very good ratio of 1: 3 between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, an excellent price / performance ratio and proven organic quality speak for themselves. Due to the rather strong aroma and intense nutty taste, the hemp oil with organic quality is most convincing in the kitchen - ideally in combination with cold dishes such as salads!


  • very good price per 100 ml
  • Top ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids
  • proven organic quality
  • particularly intense aroma
  • strong, nutty taste
  • Great for people with nut allergies who are not otherwise allowed to eat nuts
  • produced in Germany


  • Closure is more often criticized by buyers
  • no information on gamma linolenic acid

Hemp oil 500ml from Effective Nature

Our fourth place goes to an organic hemp oil with a high chlorophyll content and one rather velvety nutty taste, which also has a very attractive design of the bottle and at the same time convinces with its own price.


The Effective Nature hemp oil gets by with unsaturated fatty acids of around 82 g per 100 g, which is definitely below the value of our top spots - which is why there was no place on the podium for this product. Nevertheless, the proportion of amino acids can still be rated as “good”. The hemp seeds are obtained from Czech agriculture. Due to the import, processing and sale in Germany, the Czech harvest is not subject to any looser requirements.

Furthermore, the hemp oil is gluten-free, vegan and at the same time does not contain lactose. An organic seal, which the natural ingredients from sustainable cultivation occupied, is of course also attached to the product. Furthermore, the hemp seeds were cold-pressed so that the valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are not lost - this product has not been refined, laudably!

Another positive aspect was the lower energy value, which makes the Effective Nature hemp oil interesting for use within a diet.

The complete list of ingredients per 100 ml or 92 g is structured as follows:

  • 820 kcal energy value
  • 92 g fats
  • 8 g of which are saturated fatty acids
  • 10 g of monounsaturated fatty acids
  • 72 g of polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • no trans fats
  • Omega 6 at 54.5 g
  • of which 3.5 g GLA
  • Omega 3 fatty acids at 17.8 g
  • 60% vitamin E per 100 ml

With regard to the composition, it is praiseworthy that the hemp oil has another one very high level of vitamin E. reached.

Packaging and manufacturer

The manufacturer is probably largely unknown in Germany, the agriculture for the Effective Nature product takes place in the Czech Republic. Due to the EU-wide strict regulations on agriculture and the regulations that must be met when selling in Germany, you can still rely on serious production and extremely high quality.

The packaging is a 500 ml glass bottle that is quite impressive. It is strongly colored and takes on a deep black color where the oil is, which is perfectly rounded off by the equally black label and the individual green elements. The clasp is also in black. Thus, the product is definitely attractive from a visual point of view and should be quite suitable as a small gift.


Due to the gentle composition and organic quality, it can be used both in hot and cold kitchens and on the skin. Due to the slightly lower proportion of fatty acids, it can be used in warm kitchens without any problems, but due to the nutty taste it should be used with sensitivity. It is quickly absorbed on the skin and the amino acids can trigger positive effects, while the skin receives a subtle sheen that does not appear greasy.

Price-performance ratio

The hemp oil has a recommended retail price (RRP) of 14.90 euros in Germany - further discounts, value packs or other perks through savings subscriptions are not offered at least on Amazon. The manufacturer sells the product directly, that is Fair Trade Handels AG. Buyers therefore come to a price of around 2.98 euros per 100 ml, which can still be rated as “good”.


With currently 14 reviews, the Effective Nature hemp oil has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon, of which 72% of the reviews are from customers who give the product the best possible rating. Many of the buyers use the hemp oil in connection with salads and smoothies or even take it pure to supply their body with valuable fatty acids. The taste, sometimes nutty and somewhat reminiscent of hemp, is also always praised.


Our fourth place impresses with a good price / performance ratio, a sensible composition and sustainable cultivation of the raw materials in organic quality, which are also processed as raw food. The chic bottle can also be seen, with a fatty acid content of more than 82%, the product is still doing quite well in a cross-market comparison. For all of you somewhat nutty and slightly “hempy” taste therefore, this hemp oil is definitely worth considering.


  • Hemp and nut flavor
  • Organic quality
  • more than 82% unsaturated fatty acids
  • relatively low energy value, therefore suitable for a diet
  • chic bottle
  • fair price


  • The concentration of unsaturated fatty acids could be higher
  • the slight hemp undertone doesn't appeal to everyone

Organic hemp oil pure virgin, cold-pressed by Seitenbacher

Our fifth place goes to a hemp oil, for once even available in a 250 ml bottle is - so the Seitenbacher organic hemp oil is great for everyone who is not entirely sure, but would like to "sniff". The oil is purely native and is only cold-pressed once, which means that it retains the valuable ingredients.