Can CBD oil go bad

CBD oil: shelf life & storage (has it expired?)

Many consumers are concerned about the purchase of CBD oil durability. In addition, there is often confusion when it comes to the optimal storage location. Here we answer all questions about Storage and storage of CBD oil!

Shelf life: can CBD oil go bad?

Ⓘ Yes, CBD oil can go bad. Similar to other household oils (e.g. olive oil), it tastes and smells rancid.

Since it is a 100% natural product, the Unfortunately, the shelf life is limited. However, there is also positive news: the oil is usually used up before it can go bad.

The shelf life of CBD oil is mainly due to Environmental influences limited. If Air, heat and / or light come into contact with the oil, so-called oxidative decomposition of the oil can occur. The existing chemical compounds are dissolved and broken down into individual molecules or elements.

In addition to the change in smell and taste, the decomposition of the CBD oil also partially loses its positive properties.

Because the oxidative decomposition does not stop at the contained ingredients (cannabinoids, terpenes, etc.). They lose their original structure and thus also their properties.


Every CBD product contains a certain CBD content, which is indicated by a percentage. But how is this value actually calculated? And how much CBD should an oil contain at least?

➔ Curious? In this post we go into detail and answer all questions: CBD content: hemp, flowers & seeds (calculate% content)

How long can opened CBD oil be kept?

Ⓘ As a rule, an opened CBD oil can be kept for a few months. An unopened CBD oil has a shelf life of up to a year.

Of course, the "lifespan" of the oil also depends on the correct storage from. More on that later.

My CBD oil has expired ...

Should your CBD oil do that Best before date (best before date) has already passed there is nothing to worry about at first. As a rule, (natural) products can still be consumed or used well beyond their best-before date.

Still, in this case you should check if the oil is still good. It's easy to do by smelling the oil and - if you couldn't detect a rancid smell - trying a little. If the oil neither smells rancid nor tastes strange, it is still good and can still be used without hesitation.

Note: If, on the other hand, the oil smells or tastes rancid, you should stop using it and Dispose of as a precaution.

How do I store CBD oil? (Storage)

Ⓘ CBD oil should always be stored in a cool, dry place protected from light. These conditions are optimally fulfilled in the refrigerator, for example.

The question of the proper storage is very important and can have a major impact on the service life of the oil.

As already mentioned above, you can Environmental influences such as light, heat and air (oxygen) add to the natural oil over time. In order to contain these "harmful" influences as far as possible, we have already taken some precautionary measures for you:

  • The oil is hermetically sealed by the lid so that almost no oxygen can get to the oil.
  • The oil is always bottled and delivered in an amber glass bottle. This repels light to a large extent and filters UV radiation.

In addition, the oil should be protected from heat. This is why you should Store the oil in a cool place before and after opening.

In addition to the refrigerator, there are other places to store the CBD oil:

  • a cool and light-protected cellar
  • a light-protected place in the bathroom
  • the pantry in the kitchen


CBD oil can go bad through what is known as oxidative degradation. To protect the oil from environmental influences, you should Store in a cool, dry place protected from light. As a storage location, for example, the fridge at.

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