What are some of the criticisms of software development

Relaxed developers work faster and better

The demand for software is high, as are the demands on the systems. "The demands on software quality have increased enormously in recent years. One example is performance: five years ago it was okay for a website to respond within three seconds. Today it has to be set up in less than a second. You fight for every millisecond." Josef AdersbergerJosef Adersberger has a doctorate in computer science and eleven years ago, together with Johannes Weigend, he founded the IT service provider QAware, which develops software and rehabilitates ailing IT systems. Profile of Josef Adersberger in the CIO network

Alternative to offshore development

But how can software be developed in a high quality and at the same time inexpensive? Companies often answer this question by outsourcing development to countries where software engineers only earn a fraction of the salaries that are usual in this country. Adersberger cannot gain much from this approach: "In this context, the offshore model only starts with the labor costs that need to be saved. In my opinion, this falls short, since the quality debts are not taken into account in this calculation."

By quality debt, he means the future costs that arise from incorrect compromises in software development with regard to quality. As a rule, you have to estimate 20 percent of the cost of software for the reduction of quality debts. Many customers are not aware that these do not occur initially, but that they can pile up in the medium term and cause immense damage, according to the IT specialist's experience.

Open source saves time

Adersberger therefore advocates industrialization of software development in order to achieve the balancing act between increased productivity and reduced costs. QAware has increased the productivity of its almost 80 software engineers through two measures, says Adersberger: "We are reducing the developers' working hours by automating stereotypical work such as building, testing and installing software on the one hand. On the other hand, we use it wherever it works, open source modules. It saves the developer a lot of time if he no longer has to program solutions that are already open-source available to all of mankind. "

At the same time, Adersberger is aware that every automation has its limits: "It is a mistake to believe that you can automate everything and only allow the developer to intervene slightly." On the contrary, every developer's laptop is the "inventor's workshop: It all starts with the code, the invention, which is then placed on the software assembly line, on which it is automatically built and tested. These automated processes only account for half of them Work out.

Continuous training is a must

But how can ingenuity and productivity be reconciled? For Adersberger this is neither an impossible connection nor a natural partnership. If companies want to have developers who are both, they have to provide them with the appropriate working and framework conditions.

From Adersberger's point of view, the most important point is further training: "Developers can only be productive if they continue to train themselves. In the software environment, the half-life of specialist technological knowledge is rather short: Technologies such as the AngularJS 1 JavaScript framework, which is very widespread today, will be will only play a subordinate role in a year's time. " On average, QAware employees receive further training eight days a year, if possible on topics whose half-life is longer.

Space for serenity

The mode in which developers prefer to work and, as a result, most productively, is the so-called flow. To enable this uninterrupted work, the developers can put on noise control headphones that keep out any noise. Spherical lamps on their desks indicate to other colleagues whether they can speak to you. They shine in the color in which the project is: from red to orange to green, if everything is in order. In this way, the colleague can see at a glance when it is best not to disturb.

In addition to such external aids, there must also be appropriate management principles, says Adersberger: "Since tension destroys any flow, we give developers the freedom to be calm. Serenity arises when projects are planned realistically and buffers for the unforeseen are included." A working attitude that is not often found in everyday project work, as Adersberger explains. A customer had already complained to him about why the project staff were all so relaxed. Did they already have enough work? Everything about personnel management on CIO.de

"With us, the working day is eight hours long"

One of the management principles is that overtime is not taken for granted and scheduled, says Adersberger: "With us, a working day is eight hours. We are proud of that. We want to prevent our employees from working overtime." So far, this concept has worked well. The QAware managing director is particularly pleased when you can offer a product cheaper than a competitor from Eastern Europe - although you have to calculate with twice as high daily rates as a Romanian company, for example. This proves that costs can also be saved by creating the conditions for faster development.

  1. The Great Place to Work Institute, together with Bitkom and Computerwoche… ..
    … ..The best employers in the ITK 2016 determined.
  2. Project manager Sebastian Diefenbach
    The assessment was based on an anonymous employee survey and an analysis of the company's personnel work.
  3. In the size class of companies with over 1000 employees….
    ... five companies were named “Best Employer in ICT”.
  4. 1st place: adesso: Teamwork is not just an empty phrase here.
  5. Many internal training programs such as the adesso academy, software architecture training or the Leader Circle enable target group-specific personnel development.
  6. Managing director Christoph Junge sees his employees as a link between professionalism and technology.
  7. 2nd place: DATEV: DATEV offers employees a platform to present creative artistic work at cultural events.
  8. The employees can expect help from the management and are therefore happy to give back any overtime.
  9. 3rd place: T-Systems Multimedia Solutions: Flexible working hours based on trust apply here and there is a children's day.
  10. The “License to Lead” development program strengthens new managers in successfully developing their new roles.
  11. 4th place: EMC Germany: With the “German Management Team Awards”, the management honors outstanding individual achievements by employees or teams.
  12. 5th place: BWI: Here the exchange between employees and the management level is actively promoted.
  13. In the size class with 501 to 1000 employees….
    ... four companies were honored this year.
  14. 1st place: Cisco Systems: The very open and transparent management culture makes Cisco a great place to work.
  15. The key elements “questions”, “observing”, “networking”, “experimenting” and “connecting” drive the company's culture of innovation.
  16. Cisco employees can ask an “Employee Relations Team” for support in conflict situations.
  17. 2nd place: NetApp Germany: The employees at NetApp say: "We are a team - no matter who you are dealing with, everyone pulls together."
  18. At the brown bag sessions, staff can ask board members any question they can.
  19. "Culture catalysts" have been introduced at NetApp for cultural advancement.
  20. 3rd place: trivago: The hotel meta search engine offers its employees a lot of freedom, which ensures a strong basis of trust.
  21. At trivago there is the principle of non-fixed working hours, in which each employee decides independently about his or her working hours.
  22. The work atmosphere at trivago is described by the employees as very harmonious and collegial.
  23. 4th place: Daimler TSS: Teamwork is an integral part of the corporate culture at Daimler.
  24. In the size class from 101 to 500 employees ... ..
    ... a total of 22 companies were able to place themselves.
  25. 1st place: MaibornWolff: The management culture here is characterized by appreciation and respect.
  26. Experienced employees pass on values ​​and corporate philosophy to new employees.
  27. Managing Director Volker Maiborn: "For me it is a question of attitude and mindfulness to be a good employer."
  28. 2nd place: Adobe Germany: The Adobe competency model “Leadership Capabilities” is based on the Adobe Leadership Criteria and Adobe Values. This five-part program aims to awaken the leader in everyone and to empower and encourage employees to become leaders.
  29. The KickBox program supports employees with innovative ideas materially and organizationally.
  30. 3rd place: mindsquare: The credo “We love IT” is also reflected in mindsquare's team and game spirit.
  31. Gambling while you work? Not quite - but the company's own LAN party "MindCon" is held in Bielefeld every quarter.
  32. Timm Funke, Managing Director: "For us, this award is an important indicator of employee satisfaction."
  33. 4th place: SAS Institute: Workplace culture is consistently aligned with the employee and further developed.
  34. 5th place: PPI AG Informationstechnologie: In addition to technical skills, PPI also promotes social skills such as rhetoric, communication and time management.
  35. 6th place: iteratec: At iteratec, employees can openly address their suggestions to the company management.
  36. 7th place: ConVista Consulting: High personal responsibility of the employees, flat hierarchies and a short line to the board make ConVista a "Great Place to Work"
  37. 8th place: Paessler: Paessler AG was able to place itself with self-responsibility of the employees, transparency, trust and team spirit.
  38. 9th place: CompuSafe Data Systems: The philosophy: "Our employees are the guarantee of our success".
  39. 10th place: eSolve: The motto "Fun @ Work" is lived here.
  40. 11th place: Zühlke Engineering: Zühlke offers its employees challenging projects, attractive career paths and close cooperation with experts from research, teaching and practice.
  41. 12th place: SimCorp: SimCorp has an open communication culture and innovative ideas are always welcome.
  42. 13th place: Autodesk: Further training opportunities and work-life balance are very important here.
  43. 14th place: Cadence Design Systems: Cadence employees challenge and encourage one another.
  44. 15th place: ITML: Diverse training topics support the further development of the specialist and personal-social skills of the junior staff.
  45. 16th place: baramundi software: At baramundi, working time is understood as a lifetime and work space as a living space.
  46. 17th place: in-tech: At in-tech there is an excellent working atmosphere, team spirit and fun at work.
  47. 18th place: ARITHNEA: The motto here is: "Work where it is fun!"
  48. 19th place: GWS: GWS attaches great importance to fully involving its employees in the company's development.
  49. 20th place: cleverbridge: Here the whole company is informed in the event of a promotion through a blog post.
  50. 21st place: ITENOS: Every year the management awards the "Sammy" for special achievements.
  51. 22nd place: Matrix42: Once a year, Matrix42 employees from all over the world come together at HackWeek to implement exciting projects together.
  52. A total of fifteen companies were selected in this year's competition.
    ... rated as the best employer in the size class with 50 to 100 employees.
  53. 1st place: QAware: The Munich-based company impresses with its open communication and a familiar environment, making it a "Grat Place to Work"
  54. In the sports community, every employee can plan their own sports event or hold a sports discussion.
  55. Christian Kamm (left) and Bernd Schlüter, managing directors: "We try to bring supposed opposites into balance: management and technology, inventive spirit and pride in craftsmanship, professionalism and nonchalance."
  56. 2nd place: viadee IT management consultancy: The management at viadee shows understanding for longer downtimes and flexibility in the organization of working hours.
  57. Excerpts from the corporate philosophy such as “Understanding Complexity. Creating solutions ”are printed on the work materials for motivation.
  58. Frank Weymerich, Managing Director Human Resources: "There are people behind our solutions."
  59. 3rd place: Cofinpro: The management consultancy offers its employees work-life balance training.
  60. Offers such as project apartments or time-outs for longer vacations make work easier.
  61. In the family company Cofinpro, the employees feel valued.
  62. 4th place: GuideCom: Flat hierarchies, quick decision-making processes and an extraordinary team culture make GuideCom a “Great Place to Work”.
  63. 5th place: Meltwater Germany: Here it happens that the boss kidnaps you to the KickOff in Miami.
  64. 6th place: Lynx-Consulting: Sport, enjoyment and culture are experienced together during and outside of working hours.
  65. 7th place: QlikTech: Every employee gets to know the company history, the work culture and the company values ​​at the Qlik Academy in Lund.
  66. 8th place: it-economics: Once a year the whole company goes to the Fun and Family Weekend.
  67. 9th place: FORTIS IT-Services: Flexible working hours, flat hierarchies and exciting perspectives are just as much a reality at FORTIS as good pay.
  68. 10th place: MyHammer: Part-time models, flexible working hours and home office are lived practice here.
  69. 11th place: SD&C Solutions Development & Consulting: Regular employee meetings have been part of the corporate culture at SD&C right from the start.
  70. 12th place: ModuleWorks: Even young employees are given great opportunities for advancement at ModuleWorks.
  71. 13th place: mayato: project managers and employees organize get-togethers or joint activities such as barbecuing or cooking here.
  72. 14th place: QuinScape: On the first working day, every new employee at QuinScape introduces themselves in the company's internal social network, so that absent colleagues also receive a first picture immediately.
  73. 15th place: apsolut: Here, closeness to people is maintained and good, safe working conditions are ensured.
  74. In the size class with ten to 49 employees ...
    ... 19 companies were named “Great Place to Work”.
  75. 1st place: infologistix: 100 percent of the employees at infologistix are proud of what they achieve together with the entire company.
  76. For infologistix GmbH, as a very young company, it is extremely important for employees to have a say in decisions and to contribute ideas.
  77. Wolfgang Perzl, managing director of infologistix: The award spurs us on not to let up in our efforts for an excellent work culture. "
  78. 2nd place: Storage plants: On Ü days (surprise days), employees for good performance are rewarded by one to three board members with an extra day of Ü vacation or Ü meal vouchers for good performance.
  79. Oliver Zimmer, Managing Director: “Our motto is:“ Wonderful - Honest - Indispensable ”.
  80. 3rd place: utilitas: utilitas offers its employees plenty of space for the development and further development of personal strengths and professional interests.
  81. The compatibility of work and private life is promoted through flexible arrangement of time and place four times a week.
  82. 4th place: Salomon Automation: The company impresses with a safe working environment as well as with many training and further education measures and opportunities for advancement.
  83. 5th place: Seidel & Friends Consulting: The Christmas parties at Seidel & Friends are postponed to the summer so that activities such as speed boating do not have to be canceled due to the weather.
  84. 6th place: ponturo consulting: The solidarity among colleagues and impeccable managerial behavior make ponturo a "Great Place to Work".
  85. 7th place: Living Business: The company is genuinely interested in the ideas and suggestions for improvement from its employees.
  86. 8th place: Pentland Firth Software: The company has set itself the goal of providing its employees with the best possible further training on a personal and professional level.
  87. 9th place: Pix Software: The employees experience appreciation for their good work through an atmosphere of well-being that is spread throughout the premises.
  88. 10.Place: kernpunkt Digital: At kernpunkt, no two working days are the same. The motto is: "Only those who live well work well."
  89. 11th place: blueforte: Personality counts here. At blueforte, employees are not just resources.
  90. 12th place: MEGLA: MEGLA values ​​a healthy work-life balance for its employees. The principle of flexitime applies.
  91. 13th place: PlaceWorkers: In team rounds, thanks and praise from the customer are publicly communicated by the managing director.
  92. 14th place: Xenium: So-called project cockpits offer employees the opportunity to comment on internal company events or developments and to mark them as a personal “highlight” or “lowlight” of the week. The project cockpit thus also functions as a “mood barometer”.
  93. 15th place: Demirtag Consulting GmbH: According to managing director Osman Demirtag, employees are the company's greatest asset.
  94. 16th place: HighQ-IT for the financial industry: Once a year, HighQIT hosts a team event at which values ​​and team spirit are further developed.
  95. 17th place: picturemaxx: picturemaxx offers its employees a healthy, safe and pleasant working environment and encourages them to continuously develop their skills.
  96. 18th place: status c: Here everyone understands the task of the other and the team is perfectly coordinated.
  97. 19th place: Compiricus: In-house workshops are held regularly at Compiricus, in which experienced, specialized employees impart their specific specialist knowledge to younger colleagues.