Where is the IP address on the iPad

What is my IP? Determine on Mac, iPhone, PC

Halyna Kubiv

The external IP address of a device such as a Mac, PC or iPhone is like an ID in the digital world.

The IP address of a computer or smartphone has the same functions in the network as the postal address of a person: It makes the devices identifiable and traceable. The abbreviation IP comes from the Internet protocol, because this is exactly what is used to create such an address. A distinction is also made between an external and internal (private) IP address: The external IP address is visible to the outside, for example to the external provider. This IP address is assigned by the Internet provider. The internal IP address is important for communication in your own network. The internal IP address is usually assigned to each device in the network by the router, via DHCP.

How is my IP on the Mac?

An external IP can be found out relatively easily on the Mac. Start a new search on Google and type the question in English " What is my ip? "As a first result you don't see a website, but a sequence of numbers that should represent your IP address. This box with your IP address is a so-called Featured Snippet from Google, the search engine tries to give a direct answer to the user question, without the user having to click anywhere. The IP address of the computer is already known to Google because the computer has identified itself to the Google server. However, it is important to formulate this question in English, with the German variant appearing on the first page no answer, but a list of several pages that can answer this question. This works just as well with Duckduckgo: If the service is installed as the standard search in Safari, the query "What is my ip?" provides an additional display above of all search results with the sequence of numbers from your own IP address.

What is my IP on the iPhone?

Similar to the Mac, you only have to use your own browser to find out the external IP address. The English version of the question works, the German version does not. Duckduckgo showed us the requested IP address most reliably. It is much more elegant (and faster) using the Siri shortcut. You can download the IP query for Siri here, we have still defined "Search my IP" as the Siri phrase in the settings. If you say after the installation and configuration: " Hey Siri, what's my IP ", the voice assistant displays the corresponding result on the Safari page.

How is my IP on the PC?

The procedure on a computer hardly differs from that on the Mac: You switch to the browser of your choice and enter the search phrase "What is my IP?" On the site of a search provider such as Google or Duckduckgo. The first result on the resulting page provides the answer to your question.