What are the different types of chimneys

What are the different types of chimneys?

In the world of chimneys - which one, for whom and what use

Anyone who buys their own fireplace or boiler must also deal with the topic of chimneys. They are available in many different versions and it is not always immediately obvious what they are actually intended for. That is why we introduce you to this post the most common types of chimneys and show what it's all about.

The brick chimney

The brick chimney is probably the most historical variant of the chimney construction, which you often find especially in old buildings. This chimney will of bricks and mortar manufactured. What is noticeable about this chimney system is that the delivery pressure is significantly lower compared to systems with smooth surfaces, for example in a stainless steel chimney. The main reason for this is the masonry with its joints.

Furthermore, the brick chimney, compared to other types, does not have such good thermal insulation. At the same time, however, it has a higher storage mass. Once it has heated up, it runs perfectly. A big problem with the old masonry chimneys is that they often degrade over time Problem of moisture penetration and the chimney sooting are affected.

The prefabricated chimney

The prefabricated chimney consists of prefabricated elements: one hard one Outer shellthat also works as insulation at the same time and an internal pipe. This variant can be used for almost all fuels. Most of the time, prefabricated chimneys are built into the house and firmly anchored there. They are characterized by a high level of reliability and a very high delivery pressure.

The stainless steel chimney

Stainless steel chimneys are available in two versions: single-walled and double-walled. The simple structure is used for a chimney renovation. The single-walled stainless steel chimney is simply inserted into an old brick chimney and then the inside is like new again.

The double-walled stainless steel chimney is a great option if you are looking for a particularly coolcheap installation but it is no compromise on quality want to do. The double-walled stainless steel chimney kits are also approved for almost all furnaces and consist of a double pipe with insulation in between. The stainless steel chimney can be installed on the inside as well as on the outside of the house wall.

The LAS chimney

The air-exhaust chimney is a chimney construction in which in the jacket two pipes come into use. One of the pipes takes over the Removal of the combustion gasesas it is known from a conventional chimney. Next to the pipe for the removal of the gases is a pipe for the Supply for the fresh air of the stove. This design of chimneys corresponds to the state of the art of the time. The advantage of this design is that the air supplied is already preheated by the hot exhaust gases, thereby increasing the efficiency of the combustion. In addition, a LAS chimney is advantageous if you operate a fireplace that is independent of the ambient air, but want to do without a cumbersome assembly structure.

The lightweight chimney

A lightweight chimney is - as the name suggests - characterized by its particularly low weight. In principle it is the little brother of the prefabricated chimney. Inside is a Stainless steel pipe, which is provided with a cladding made of calcium silicate thermal insulation slats. The panels also act as insulation and fire protection at the same time.

Especially in the case of many older houses, the statics do not allow high weight. This is exactly what lightweight chimneys are ideal for.

There are a wide variety of chimney systems that can be well suited to your project depending on the structural conditions and requirements. Modern systems such as the stainless steel chimney, the LAS chimney or the lightweight chimney offer a variety of advantages over older brick chimneys. In order to ensure that the right chimney product is found for your structural situation and your needs and that the type of chimney is selected that best suits the structural conditions and all structural requirements are met, a discussion with a specialist should definitely be considered. At ofen.de we find the ideal chimney solution that fits right away.