Who plays George Crawley Downton Abbey

George Crawley

Master George Crawley

first appearanceChristmas special 2012

George Crawley is the son of Lady Mary Crawley and Matthew Crawley.

Season 4 Edit source]

Since his father Matthew Crawley died in a car accident shortly after his birth, George Crawley grew up as a half-orphan. His mother, deeply depressed by Matthew's death, initially takes little or no care of George and prefers to leave it to Nanny West to raise George. In contrast to his cousin [[Sybbie Branson]], George is cared for overprotectively by Nanny West and, due to his noble descent, is clearly preferred.

Family relationships Edit source]

Parents: Lady Mary Crawley and Matthew Crawley

Grandparents: Lord Robert Grantham, Lady Cora Grantham, Isobel Crawley

Great grandparents: Lady Violet Grantham, Martha Levinson

Aunts: Lady Sybil Branson, Lady Edith Crawley

Uncle: Tom Branson

Cousins: Miss Sybbie Branson, Miss Mary-Gold Crawley (daughter of Edith)

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