Why do people take boring work

Boredom can also make you sick

Boredom can also make you sick

Deceleration (f., Singular only) - a change so that everything happens more slowly and with less time pressure than before

deal with something - here: behave in a certain way in a difficult situation; trying to find a solution to a problem

Boreout syndrome (n., Singular only, from English) - a psychological crisis that affects people who are bored with their work for a long time

Burnout, -s (n., From English) - a disease that arises from too much stress

Home office (n., Singular only, from English) - working from home

Overload, -en (f.) - the fact that a person, device, or system is too busy

be the case - hold true; be so

Underload, -en (f.) - the fact that someone has too few or too simple tasks and therefore performs less than he could

Disinterest (n., Singular only) - the lack of interest; the indifference

Depression, -en (f.) - a mental illness that makes you feel very sad for a long time

Act - here: shine; look like; To make an impression

to be aware of something - to notice something

Symptom, -e (n.) - a sign of illness (e.g. pain or fever)

go somewhere - go somewhere

internal termination - a state in which one still goes to work, but no longer tries and is no longer interested

blank - here: in; completely; total

Horror (singular only) - here: a very terrible experience