How well do Italians speak English

panorama : Researcher: Brain problems prevent Italians from speaking English

Brain problems: According to newspaper reports, a team of researchers in Milan discovered why Italians often have significant problems learning English. The reason is that many English words are pronounced differently than they are written. Therefore, speaking English would activate two regions in the human brain. In Italian, on the other hand, you can easily deduce the pronunciation from the written language, so you only need one brain zone, says a British-Italian team of experts after corresponding brain studies. "Now we have a neurological explanation for the difficulties Italians have in learning English," wrote the Milanese newspaper "Corriere della Sera" on Sunday.

Twin pranks: Because he had been driving his twin brother's license for 30 years, a Frenchman was sentenced to a fine of around 1,800 marks and four months' probation. According to the judiciary on Saturday, the hoax was exposed when the man ran into a police check and did not wear a seat belt. The officers were surprised when he presented a driver's license with the first name Dominique while his ID was made out in the name of Jean-Francois. In front of the Le Mans court, the man was astonished. So far he has come through all the controls with the papers. He took his exposure calmly: "After all, it worked for 30 years."

Neck pain: An American woman in the US state of Pennsylvania went shopping for almost an hour with a knife behind her neck. The 62-year-old Darlene Jones was on the way to a supermarket in Yeadon near Philadelphia with a knife in the neck of a passerby, the police said on Saturday. The woman went on undeterred and bought biscuits and a newspaper in peace of mind. When she arrived home after about a kilometer home, her daughter discovered the protruding handle of a kitchen knife on her mother's neck. The daughter removed the knife and brought the severely bleeding woman to the hospital.

Marital joys: After 40 years of marriage, an Italian couple has finally received the church blessing. The 63-year-old Vittorio Carrozzo and his wife Saveria Maria Maffio, who is four years younger than him, appeared on Saturday in the small town of Carmiano near Lecce in front of the altar and gave each other the word for the year. The church had denied them at the time because the bridegroom was a communist and did not want to renounce his political beliefs, reported the Italian news agency Ansa. At that time only the civil marriage remained.

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