Who can sell products on Snapdeal

E-commerce companies sold products such as khadi masks, herbal soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, herbal mehandi, jackets, kurta and many such products through various vendors under the brand name "Khadi".

The center has spoken out strongly against Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and others, urging e-commerce companies to stop using the "Khadi India" brand name to sell their products as it is damaging its reputation and has lost Khadi artisans. While these e-commerce companies have been forced to remove over 160 web links selling products under the "Khadi" brand, legal notices have been served to over 1000 companies for using the "Khadi India" brand to sell their products. "These e-commerce portals sold products such as khadi masks, herbal soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, herbal mehandi, jackets, kurta and many such products through various vendors under the Khadi brand," said Khadi and Village Industries Commission in a press release issued on Saturday. The KVIC said selling such products "gave online shoppers the wrong impression that these goods were genuine Khadi products". KVIC also stated that much of the removed products were sold by an Ayush e-trader. This company has confirmed to KVIC that it has removed 140 links for various products sold as "Vagad's Khadi Products". She further stated that the khadi brand infringement has risen sharply as khadi's popularity has diversified in recent years following the prime minister's call to buy khadi products. A number of online sellers took advantage of this opportunity and started selling random products on behalf of Khadi. “Hundreds of stores selling counterfeit khadi products in various cities have also skyrocketed. In the past few months, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown, there has been a tremendous proliferation of such fraudulent online sellers. So that online customers can buy real Khadi products, KVIC has launched its e-portal in which 300 products are sold online at www.kviconline.gov.in/khadimask, ”said the KVIC. KVIC chairman Vinai Kumar Saxena said the KVIC had given the violators an opportunity to either stop selling products on behalf of Khadi or take legal action to redress serious damage. “Various companies have received legal notices in order to essentially protect the interests of the khadi craftsmen. This trademark infringement has a direct impact on the livelihood of our artisans who make real handcrafted products, ”said Saxena. KVIC has put in place a solid online enforcement plan to effectively monitor the trademark rights of “Khadi India”. It has put in place a dedicated legal team, a mix of human and technological tools, to ensure systematic and continuous monitoring and shutdown of unauthorized products sold on Khadi's behalf. KVIC also trains all registered Khadi institutions involved in the manufacture of Khadi products that their registration with KVIC did not entitle them to re-authorize anyone to use Khadi trademarks or the Khadi India logo, if it was because, that company or company gets a proper license from KVIC for the same. Last month, KVIC issued legal notices to two companies, Khadi Essentials and Khadi Global, for the unauthorized sale of cosmetics and other products on behalf of Khadi. The statement added that KVIC has also applied to Fabindia for damages of 500 rupees, which is pending in the Mumbai Supreme Court. In the meantime, Khadi Global has stopped using its website www.khadiglobalstore.com and has removed its social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A 10 day period has been sought to remove all such content and products under the Khadi brand name. '