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Average Python Developer Salaries in Germany, the US and worldwide 2020

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  1. Average Python developer salary in Germany | 2020
  2. Average salary for a Python developer in the USA
  3. Average salary of a Python developer worldwide
  4. Salary comparison of Python with other programming languages
  5. Where can you hire Python developers?

The average salary of a Python developer in Germany | 2020

According to PayScale, this is average Salary of a Python developer 49,398 €. In comparison, according to data from, the average salary of a Python developer is € 54.492 per year. Junior developers earn an average of € 46,919 per year and Senior Developer € 63,287.

The average salary of a Python developer in the US | 2020

According to Indeed, the average salary is one Python developer in the USA$ 119,082 per year (approx 57 USD per hour) and is in the last 4 years has increased by 15%.The starting salary of a Python developer in the USA is $ 88,492. Middle developer to earn $100.975, and professionals classified as senior on average $112.985 per year.

However, salaries differ from state to state. Therefore, the national average does not necessarily reflect how much a Python developer will cost your company. That's why we've broken down Python developer salaries by state.

Average Python Developer Salary by State 2020 | Indeed

CountryAverage Python Developer Salary 2020

Employees, users and previous / current job advertisements

new York$133,328155
Washington DC$133,97553

The Average Salary of a Python Developer by State 2020 | Indeed

California, New York, Texas, and Illinois have the largest number of Python developer jobs in the United States.

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The software development market in 8 of the top target countries in Eastern Europe - Poland, Ukraine, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belarus and Croatia.

The average salary of a Python developer worldwide | 2020

The average salary of a Python developer varies from country to country and ranges from $ 119,082 per year in the US to $ 49,520 per year in France.

  • The average salary of a Python developer in the US in 2020 is $ 119,082.
  • The annual salary of a Python developer in Switzerland is $ 93,000 less than in the US.
  • Software developers in Germany earn an average of $ 66,106.
  • The salary of a Python developer in Austria is $ 52,022 lower than in Germany.
  • A Python programmer in Sweden makes about $ 54,497 a year.
  • The average Python developer salary in the UK is $ 51,774.
countryPython developer salary
The USA$119,082
The UK$51,774
The Netherlands$55,686 

Salary comparison 2020: Python versus other programming languages

According to Indeed, the average salary for a Python programmer in the United States is $ 119,082 per year. This makes Python the second best-paid programming language, beaten only by Ruby.

Salary comparison of different programming languages:

  • Ruby - $ 121,253
  • Python - $ 119,082
  • C ++ - $ 101,440
  • Java - $ 104,544
  • JavaScript - $ 117,718

Python compared to other programming languages ​​| 2017-2020

abilityPython developer salary 2017Python developer salary 2018Python developer salary 2019Python developer salary 2020
C ++$101,561$108,123$105,716$101,440
C #$94,653$101,715$102,232$76,271

Python Programmer Salary Trends in Comparison to the 5 Most In-Demand Programming Languages

Salary comparison of different programming languages. Updated: 04 Aug 2020

Python Trends 2020: Is Python Trending? Yeah yeah

According to the StackOverflow Developer Survey, Python turned out to be one of the most sought-after technologies in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Since 2020, it has been the fourth most popular programming language in the world among software developers and the most wanted programming language.

Further statistics:

  • According to the TIOBE Index, Python is the third most popular programming language in 2020
  • Data collected by Dice shows that Python is still one of the most sought-after technical skills, and demand exceeds supply.
  • According to the PYPL Popularity of Programming Language Index, which monitors the frequency of searches for tutorials for various programming languages, Python is the most learned programming language in 2020 and has grown by almost 20% over the past 5 years.
  • According to Codingname's 2020 Developer Survey Report, Javascript, Java and Python are the most popular programming languages ​​- at least that's what 10,000 developers surveyed say. 84% of all Python developers use Python as their main language. Python is in the top 3 most popular languages ​​for the third year in a row.

What Makes Python So Great and Popular?

Python is a programming language with which websites, web applications, GUI, network servers, back-end APIs, desktop apps, media tools and machine learning technologies can be developed. You can also use Python to parse data and it can be combined with other languages.

  1. Tech companies around the world love Python. Google, Youtube, Facebook, IBM, NASA, Dropbox, Yahoo, Mozilla, Quora, Instagram, Uber, and Reddit are just a few of the big names that are using Python for a variety of purposes and are constantly looking for Python developers. Google uses Python for everything from AI algorithms to their App Engine Cloud. Now 99.9% of Dropbox code is written in Python, including the server, desktop client, website controller logic, API and analysis tools.
  2. 2. Python is widely used in machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, and big data. With the increasing importance of scientific data analysis, Python's popularity has also increased in science. Python includes many machine learning libraries and a variety of tools that facilitate machine learning.
  3. 3. Python is a good choice for getting started in programming because of its simple libraries and flexible syntax. With Python, it's easy to get started quickly and develop something useful right away. With the help of the following code you can create the simplest and often the first Python script for a beginner that displays text in a few seconds - print ("Any text entered").

How many Python developers are there in the world?

According to the Global Developer Population and Demographic Study, there were 23 million developers worldwide in 2018 and the number is expected to reach 26.4 million by the end of 2019. A number of 27.7 million is forecast for 2023.

However, it is difficult to determine the exact number of Python developers, as this is continuously growing. According to the TIOBE Index from January 2020, Python developers account for 10.47% of all developers worldwide. In 2019 the share was still 8.26%.

According to the Python Developers Survey, 21% of all Python developers are in the United States.

A LinkedIn study carried out by Daxx indicates that there are around 1,600 Python developers in Germany, of which 15% are junior developers, 29% are middle developers and 55% are senior Python developers.

Where can you hire Python developers?

Remote work has never been more convenient and widespread. So when looking for a Python developer, you don't necessarily have to consider all local talent. You can hire a developer or even an entire software development team anywhere in the world. In addition, working with offshore developers gives you the opportunity to optimize your budget without compromising quality. Eastern Europe is very much in vogue among the target regions for software development.

Why Choose Ukraine to Hire Python Developers?

  1. There are 200,000 IT professionals in Ukraine.
  2. The salary for junior Python developers in Ukraine is 600 US dollars per month, for middle and senior developers up to 1,700 and 3,500 US dollars (;
  3. By commissioning Python developers in Ukraine via Daxx, you manage your team directly, while Daxx takes care of all labor law matters, payroll, taxes, office infrastructure, work equipment and HR support. We have also introduced additional services such as workshops, process consulting, security tests, and quality control, with which you can manage your software development team worry-free and be sure that your product meets the necessary quality requirements and security standards.

Can you imagine hiring a Python developer from Ukraine? Fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss details.

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