How can I marry a rich man

Marry a millionaire

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    Show him you're not after the money. Your future husband needs to understand that you don't just like him for the money. He needs to see that you really love him ... and you really should love him! Relationships are tough, and they only work if you are really close to that person. Avoid making money an issue in your conversations (especially at an early stage) and try to be fairly frugal. If he wants a prenuptial agreement, don't fight it. You can even suggest one if you want him to feel better about it.

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    Create a trustworthy environment. Because it is so common for rich people to be exploited, it is more normal for them to have problems with trust. You have to create an environment of trust. This will set you apart from all of these other people and show them that you are the one they should marry. Be someone he can confide in, do not judge him and be open with him about your own secrets and insecurities.

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    Be a great date. Don't be the kind of date that lets anything go with you. Take an active role in your date! You should take it to places even if the place is not very nice. Be flexible and react right and well when things don't go according to plan. Ask him about these things you know he wants to talk about.

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    Bring fun into his life. Everyone wants to marry the person they think will make their life better. When you're rich, you don't have to worry about finding someone to take care of you. Instead, you are concerned about finding a spouse who will make your life interesting and fun. If you want to propose, be that person. Get him out of his shell. Make him do fun, fantastic things that he would never have done otherwise. Always be positive and avoid whining at all costs. He won't be able to get enough of you!

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    Love him deeply and sincerely. Be a mastering of the art of love. Not the sexual part (although that's no harm): be good at really loving him and helping him fall in love with you. Be completely altruistic in your relationship. Work to bring him luck. Surprise him every now and then with signs of love. Be cheesy. That is a good practice.

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    Let him come back for more. Don't give up everything right away. You can sleep with him if you want, but don't sleep with him too often or just spend all of your time with him. Why should he marry you when he can get everything he wants from you as his girlfriend or mistress?