What is the most useless college degree

You won't believe it, but these 13 crazy degrees really do exist!

1. Everyday culture and health

Do you like to cook and shopping is your great passion? At the Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Education and the Heidelberg University of Education you can study everyday culture and health as part of your teaching degree at primary schools and for secondary level 1. Here you will learn everything about nutrition, fashion and consumption and how it all affects our everyday life.

2. Onomastics

Have you always been interested in where your name comes from and what it means? Then off to Leipzig! Name researchers get their money's worth at the University of Leipzig. As a minor, you deal with the history, development and meaning of names in the onomastics major.

3. Crystallography

If you love sparkling stones and want to occupy yourself with them all day, the study of crystallography could be just the right thing for you. Here you grow crystals, research their composition and do experiments with the rhinestones. The course is offered in Freiburg or Cologne as a sub-area of ​​geosciences.

4. Promenadology

No joke! At the University of Kassel you can learn how to go for a walk as part of your architecture studies. Promenadology, or the science of walking, primarily researches human perception. So if you want to know how you perceive your environment while walking, you should become a promenadologist.

5th recorder

Did you hate recorder lessons in elementary school? Then quickly read on to point six, because then this study will be sheer horror for you. In the recorder studies you not only play the flute all day, you also deal with the history and culture of recorder music. The recorder study is possible as a Bachelor or Master. Depending on the course, you can end up with a Bachelor (B.Mus.) Or Master of Music (M.Mus.) Title. Numerous music colleges in Germany offer recorder courses, including the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts.

6. Applied leisure sciences

Don't want your free time to suffer from your studies? Then just study free time at the University of Bremen. In the 7 semesters of the bachelor's degree you will learn what people expect from their free time, how the leisure industry works and how you can earn money with free time.

7. Urban plant and open space management

What sounds like a subject for esotericists is actually a management degree combined with landscape architecture. The master's degree in urban plant and open space management at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin shows you how to create city gardens and make sensible use of green spaces in metropolitan areas.

8. Popular music

Are you a thoroughbred musician? How about a bachelor's or master's degree in popular music. Here you can not only develop your artistic personality further. You will also learn all about music education, music management, and musicology.

9. Personal hygiene

Studying personal hygiene? That is possible at the TU Darmstadt. Here you can extensively study various body care techniques and then pass them on. Because after completing your teacher training course, you can teach body care yourself at vocational schools.

10. Puppet show

Little girls' dreams come true. At the Academy of Dramatic Art in Berlin you can play with puppets all day long. In this exotic subject, you will be awarded a diploma at the end.

11. Frisian Philology

If you want to study an exotic language, you don't even need to leave Germany. Language enthusiasts can take up a bachelor's or master's degree in Frisian philology in Kiel. With the Frisian studies you are certainly something special - after all, only around 10,000 people in northern Germany speak the Frisian language.

12. World Heritage Studies

What do Cologne Cathedral, the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Yellowstone National Park have in common? If you can answer this question right off the bat, you might want to study World Heritage Studies. The master’s course of the BTU Cottbus in cooperation with UNESCO teaches everything about world cultural heritage.

13. Eurythmy

There are really crazy courses out there! Dancing your own name - is also possible at an academic level! You can study this art of movement on both a bachelor's and master's level, for example at the Alanus University for Art and Society.

While these courses are a bit unusual, none of them are narrow-gauge courses for people who do not feel like doing science. Since you will ultimately receive an academic university degree, you must also meet the academic requirements of the subjects. In addition, studying an orchid subject has many advantages: You qualify for a very special area in which you cannot compete so quickly.