What is CRM support

CRM Systems - A Guide for Beginners

Basically, a CRM system provides a central collection point where companies can store information about customers and prospects, track customer interactions, and share this data with colleagues. It helps companies build and maintain customer relationships, thereby promoting business growth.

With a CRM system, all questions asked, all service requests, all preferences and all contact details - even from the past - are always at hand for every customer. And that means that every new contact with a customer should always be personalized, relevant and based on the latest information.

CRM systems not only record every phone call, every e-mail sent, every meeting held and every presentation held, but can also be used to add notes, plan follow-up appointments and organize the next necessary steps. This ensures that opportunities to close deals or expand customer accounts are never missed.

When companies understand their customers better, so will cross-selling- and up-selling opportunities easier to identify. This gives companies much better opportunities to win further orders from existing customers.