Masturbates divinely

Blackmailers threaten by email: "We filmed you masturbating"

The blackmailers play with the fear of embarrassment, as the text of their emails already reveals: "Masturbating is natural, but if your family or friends testify to it, it is of course a great shame," they write, for example.

Then they claim to have filmed the victim while watching porn online and masturbating and they ask for money. At least 500 euros, which the recipient of the threat mail should transfer to an anonymous Bitcoin address. Otherwise, the rip-offs want to forward the video to all email and social media contacts.

Hackers are cracking webcams

In the last few weeks, an average of 16 people affected with this problem turned to the responsible telephone counseling of the Munich police. Because the subject is so embarrassing, the police headquarters assume that the number of unreported cases in the Munich area could be extremely high.

The tricky thing about the threat: hackers can actually “take over” the computer's webcam or the smartphone's camera. Nevertheless, the police advise you to remain calm and carefully check the relevant email.

Do not transfer any money, advise the police

In this case, only the salutation "Hello" has been used in the mail, which indicates that the address was simply taken from a mailing list. In addition, the message is usually written in poor German or even in English.

Under no circumstances should those affected transfer the requested money, even if a corresponding recording actually exists or it is possible that it exists. In that case, it is better to report it to the police.

Whether it's porn embarrassment or data theft: Basically, it helps to carefully protect the PC from attacks by hackers with protection programs and to keep this software always up to date.