My life can and will get better

20 wise pieces of advice that will make your life better IMMEDIATELY

Here are 20 things to think about in order to have a happy, carefree life:

1. Thinking negatively is poison

Negative thoughts are poison for the soul. If you let yourself be guided by them, you will soon see everything in life negatively. Half full becomes half empty and you walk around like a weeping willow. In the beginning you really have to make an effort to think positively. But if you go through with this, you will quickly notice how much your view of life changes. Try it!

2. Take care of your friends

What would life be without family, partners, friends? Wouldn't that be terribly bleak? On the other hand, money is a fly shit, right? It doesn't make you happy, it doesn't make you laugh, it doesn't help against loneliness, and it isn't there for you when you feel bad. Feel rich thanks to all of the people in your life who care about you.

3. Go through life smiling

It's not often that someone who is complete strangers smiles at you on the street. But when it happens, every time you are totally surprised how happy you are. Simply because you didn't expect so much warmth and friendliness. So why not just go around the world smiling and infect others with your good mood? It's the little things that count. And just a smile can turn a day for the better.

4. Open your eyes!

It's sad how many people call their hometown and hometown ugly. Look around: the nature, the animals, the people around you are beautiful. You just have to see it. Try to change your view of your surroundings. Learn to appreciate small things. Not everyone lives in Paris, but your home can also be Paris for you. Simply because it is your home.

5. Take your time

Life is much more relaxed and better when we don't chase to-do lists all the time. Plan your day so that you can do what needs to be done - without the stress and rush. Just get up earlier in the morning and enjoy your coffee in peace. Take an extra five minutes in the shower before heading into your work day. Stress every now and then is ok, but not all the time.

6. Say "no"

Don't worry about anything. Everyone always thinks they have to get things done and have no choice. You have a choice. It is your life. You don't have to do everything you ask. Just say no.

7. Know your worth

We keep letting people into our lives who trample on our feelings and don't treat us with respect. Nobody deserves that and so you shouldn't put up with it.

8. Be selfish, too

Sometimes you can only think of yourself. You even have to! Think about what you need and what you want. It doesn't help anyone if you just want to please others. This will only make you unhappy in the long run.

9. Don't be a bitch

Gone are the school days when you were beastly and blasphemed and intrigued about other people behind your back. You won't get any further in life with that. Unfortunately, not everyone has understood this yet and continues to mime the bitch or the beast. Do yourself a favor: don't let yourself down to their level, hold your head up and show them how to do it right. Fair, clear and open.

10. Money is not the most important thing

Sure, it's nice not to have money worries, but it doesn't really make you happy either. Instead of constantly turning over every penny and saving on every corner to put something on the high edge, you should ask yourself: what for? It is important to make provisions for later, but please do not be so dogged that you forbid everything beautiful.

11. Don't quarrel with life

Life has tough times for each of us. If it happens to you, don't sink into frustration and suffering and ask yourself: "Why me?" Appreciate what you have and keep the good memories of what you no longer have. Then you can get through difficult times.

12. Be your best friend

If you don't know what to do with yourself, don't expect your friends to entertain you. Learn to be alone from time to time and to consciously enjoy it. Only those who are at peace with themselves can also be there for others.

13. Do not compare yourself to others

The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to others all the time. There will always be someone richer, smarter and more successful than you. So what ??! Life is not a competition. Focus on yourself and not on the others.

14th Talk to the people in your life

When we feel bad, we often hide away instead of confiding in good friends. Every good friend will be happy to be there for you. Certainly. It always helps to talk to others about your problems. Even if it is only because when you are talking you become clear about things while the other is just listening.

15. Say what you feel

Hiding your feelings doesn't do any good - except that you feel bad afterwards and may be pushed to do things you don't want to do. Stand by your feelings, express your opinion openly!

16. Away with security thinking!

Don't let important moments slip by. Some moments just never come back in life. If you want something, fight for it. Don't sit around and wait for the perfect moment! There is no such thing and you will never be absolutely perfectly prepared. Some things are only appreciated when you've missed and lost them.

17. Learn from your experiences

Nobody really knows what love and closeness are who has not gotten to know loneliness and lovesickness. Those who endure bad times should take their life lesson with them. It doesn't make you a better person, but it will help you in your further life.

18. Fight your fear!

Are you afraid things won't work? Are you afraid of the consequences? Then make it clear to yourself: There are an infinite number of people who regret not having done something. Don't be one of them.

19. Love like there's no tomorrow

We all need someone who gives us a feeling of security and love. Go home and grab your partner, your parents, or your friends. Hold them tight and tell them as often as you can that you care about them. At some point important people will disappear from your life and then it will be too late and you will regret it. Do you want it?

20. ... and distribute them

Love is not just about relationships, parents or children - love is everywhere and can be shown in many different ways. Smile, say thank you, hold the door open, or give others advice. That is love too!

Life is good. Make something of it!

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