What is your sexual fetish

There are innumerable Sex fetishes and preferences. Some sound crazy like the balloon fetish, for example. Others are just a little cranky like the fetish of getting sexually aroused while eating.

We want to get to the bottom of fetishism and try to find out why we humans are like that many different sexual inclinations to have.

What is a sex fetish?

A sex fetish describes behavior that deviates from the sexual norm and usually also one inanimate object in the love game includes. The objects play a central role because they serve as tools of satisfaction. The fetish usually does not only focus on the object, but also includes other materials and people.

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What is a paraphilia?

Paraphilia is the umbrella term for sexual fetishism. Paraphilias often not only give way clearly deviates from the norm, but can also ensure that others are harmed. The paraphilic needs often include pain, humiliation, or even sex with children or animals.

So a paraphilia denotes any deviation from the sexual norm. But can we define the sexual norm at all and doesn't everyone have their sexual inclinations that deviate from the norm?

Heterosexuality as the norm: is it still appropriate?

No it is not. While heterosexuality is the most common sexual orientation, however Far from the only “normal” one. In a study by the University of Québec, 1,500 subjects were exposed to 55 different sexual fantasies and fetishes.

It turned out that there are many more fantasies in people's minds than the herterosexual norm would allow. So belong for example Sadomasochism and Sex in Public everyday fantasies in 50% of the test persons. There are exceptions to sexual fantasies with children or animals. With only 2.3% agreement, these actually seem to be abnormal.

Sex fetishes: how do they arise?

The causes of a sexual fetish are often unexplained. No one can give an exact answer to this, although many great thinkers have tried. There are countless theories about the origin of sex fetishes. It's probably at the end of the day a healthy mixture of all attempts to explain. We have summarized some theories for you.

Theory 1: symbolism

The sex researcher Havelock Ellis (1887) suggested that already in the Childhood paved the way for sexual inclinations be placed. Depending on how a child is raised and what treatment it receives, it will develop its sexual inclinations in the future. It was a very modern view at the time.

For example, if a child has experienced violence from their parents, can a sadomasochistic fetish be argued with it.

Theory 2: illness

In 1912 Richard von Krafft-Ebing came up with the theory that sexual Fetishes are a mental illness. It is believed that people with fetishes were confronted with an "abnormality" during their first sexual act, which shaped their adult lives. They are infected with their mental illness, so to speak, and develop it further in the course of their lives. This theory is invalid because we know that fetishes are not diseases.

Theory 3: Behaviorimsus

Behaviorism is quite an interesting one, though now largely outdated approach. It says that unconscious chains of association can be stretched between a sexual act and a non-sexual thing. But that would mean that there would have to be a sex fetish for almost every object:

If for example masturbating to a photo with a woman in underwear and a dog walking past in the background of the picture, then one would have to develop a sexual fetish for women, underwear and dogs.

Theory 4: Neurology

The calculations of the neurologist Ramachandran (1998), who found that the Pleasure center in the brain is very close to the area where the sensory perceptions of the feet are. In his opinion, that's why there is many foot fetishists in the world.

Conclusion: Not a satisfactory explanation

Although there have been various approaches to explaining sexual fetishes, none of them have produced any satisfactory results. We know these days that sexual fetishes deeply rooted in us and are unproblematic in most cases. True to the motto "Every pot has its lid" Most people these days find what they expect sexually.

Living with paraphilias that even harm other people is far more difficult. Some can castrate or undergo a libido-breastfeeding operation. A sex fasting regimen might help these people.

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