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That's why I always have a gem with me

By Kristina Hellhake | May 08, 2019, 8:35 a.m.

Most people are interested in gemstones in the form of jewelry on a chain, earring or finger ring. The real value of the beautiful stones lies in their healing effect, and everyone can use it individually for themselves. Our author explains why she always has a gemstone with her and knows how to find your very own lucky charm.

I love everything supernatural, am enthusiastic about esoteric things, know my daily horoscope and believe in karma. So it should come as no surprise that I not only like to collect clams, herbs and leaves, but also stones. In addition to seemingly unspectacular boulders such as round pebbles, which I pick up on my travels or hikes, I have a small collection of healing and precious stones that continues to grow.

Good energy to go

Why am I doing this? On the one hand, I think the colored stones are beautiful, just holding them in my hand calms and grounds me. In addition, I firmly believe in the properties of the stone in question, which support and strengthen me in realizing my goals. For example, I always carry a rose quartz with me. This is particularly associated with the heart and gives strength. In stressful moments I pick up my lucky charm, which "recharges" me with positive vibrations. My belief in stone even goes so far that my favorite pieces accompany me on trips. For example, if I put them on the windowsill of my accommodation during the day, they charge themselves with the solar energy of the holiday destination and give them back to me at night, while the stones simultaneously carry a piece of home and roots.

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Be careful with ready mixes

If you want to put together your own collection and work on your own wishes with the right mineral composition, you will be faced with a huge selection. Depending on the size and type, small gemstones can be had for just a few euros. According to old superstitions, they are not only positioned next to or under the pillow, but recently the stones have also been valued as an addition to drinking water, where they should give their positive effect to the liquid. However, it is not taken into account that every person who has contact with the precious stones not only receives their energy, but also gives their energy to minerals. Without prior energetic cleaning, all sensitivities of all previous owners end up in the water glass. What can have negative consequences can also be turned in a positive way: I like to load stones with positive thoughts and wishes and give them to friends who need extra energy.

Cleaning and charging

So it is part of working with the stones to first carry out a cleaning process that frees the stones from external energy. This can become a complex procedure for which some experts provide a proper ceremony. Personally, I literally wash my stones clean under running water. I formulate a positive intention for charging and prefer to use solar energy: The stones are put on the windowsill or outside with me. Just like I long for warmth after a long winter, I imagine that my stones store this positive energy in themselves and give it to me when needed. I do the same with certain moon constellations. Anyone who follows a lunar calendar can easily see when it is worthwhile to position the lucky charms in the moonlight.

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It's worth starting small. First get yourself a stone and observe its effect on your well-being. Depending on your emotional state and your needs, decide which one is suitable - these five popular stones could qualify as your new companions:


The blue agate is the perfect healing stone for everyone who wants to protect themselves from negative energies. It helps its owner to maintain inner balance and thus instinctively protect himself from bad influences. Put this stone on your heart if, for example, you have been injured and want to open up again emotionally. The agate needs something to develop its effect, but it is very strong. It calms and relieves anger, thereby helping to resolve conflicts and heal wounds. It is also an ideal companion for difficult exams or challenges.

Rock crystal

The whitish to transparent rock crystal, which consists of the mineral silicon, is one of the best-known and most important gemstones of all, it can be found all over the world. Its appearance already reveals its effect: the rock crystal calms restless spirits and gives clarity. It is particularly popular as a pendant and tapered to a point - in this way it concentrates its effect on the chest and the emotional center of its wearer and, like the agate, protects against negative influences.

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Rose quartz

The rose quartz in its lovely color should make its owner softer and more empathetic, help with lovesickness and gain confidence. At the same time, it ensures balance by organizing feelings and thoughts. In addition to their general effects, the different gemstones and their properties are particularly applicable to the needs of certain zodiac signs: Rose quartz is a particularly suitable stone for the sensitive fish. So it's no wonder that, as a Pisces woman, I feel particularly drawn to him.

Tiger eye

The brownish tiger's eye bears this name because, when sanded and under the influence of light, it is reminiscent of a cat's or even tiger's eye. The stone gives courage, protection and a feeling of security by allowing its owner to keep an overview and supporting him in important decisions. The stone is also said to help physically: worn over the solar plexus, the tiger's eye is said to have healing properties for the bronchi.


According to legend, this turquoise or blue-green stone, which arises from a particularly rare mineral compound, found its origin in the treasure chest of a mermaid, which gave it the name "sea water". This soft stone stands for harmony, gives inner peace and is therefore particularly suitable for everyone who is prone to depression or who want to strengthen their self-confidence. At the same time it donates strength for important projects by giving endurance and perseverance.

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Stones for beauty

If the stone in the bag is not convincing - there are also very practical uses for the pretty little helpers. Rose quartz and jade are the most popular facial rollers: The round stones are intended to help tighten facial expressions. The loving energy of the pink stone is supposed to be transferred to the skin of the face and thus the mood through gentle rolling movements, while jade unfolds its clearing and anti-inflammatory properties on skin prone to blemishes. The rose quartz specimen can be found in my bathroom. I can't necessarily speak of a firming effect - but the application is always cooling, soothing and relaxing.

How to find your personal lucky stone

In fact, when in doubt, you don't have to spend any money on your talisman. Every stone can become a lucky stone, it doesn't even have to be a particularly noble one. Take a closer look at your surroundings the next time you walk in the woods. This mindfulness in itself has a beneficial effect and relaxes. In this mood, you may notice a stone that has a special color or shape. Just start collecting and evaluate your prey at the end of the walk. The copy that you like best accompanies you home. Over time, you can put together your own personal ensemble of lucky stones, which may not be suitable for facial use, but which remind you of beautiful moments. That alone can be very beneficial.

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