Intermittent fasting cures type 2 diabetes

Fasting is even helpful with multiple sclerosis

Professor Longo's study was published in the specialist journal on February 23, 2017 Cell published and is the last of a series of studies that looked at the health benefits of fasting, especially intermittent fasting. In the journal Science Translational Medicine the other studies appeared - also in February 2017.

These showed that therapeutic fasting could not only be highly recommended for diabetes, but also for the cardiovascular system, is also an excellent anti-aging measure and prevents cancer and is even worth trying for autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis is.

How well fasting can also keep the brain fit and healthy can be read here: Fasting for the Brain

You can read here how intermittent fasting works: Intermittent fasting - the healthy eating rhythm

You can find out how to make a Lenten soup yourself here.


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