What is meant by proof of employment

Download certificate of employment sample, template, sample

Here you get a Certificate of employment template for the Proof of employment. The certificate or Confirmation of employment is in general terms in terms of structure and possible content. You can copy the text, add to it and use it to design your template or sample.

What is a certificate of employment?

Another term for the certificate of employment is Proof of employment or. Proof of activity. You can fill out this template or the sample for employees who do not receive a job reference. This means that you can provide evidence of employment to other employers. So is not the legal document meant by the Federal Employment Agency. You can find the information on this here.

Download the certificate of employment template, template or sample

This example one Certificate of employment you can here

free download as well as further edit.

In the template you will also find the placeholders for the addresses of employers and employees, in letter form. Record the activities from top to bottom, starting with the most important activity and ending with less important activities. Please enter the details of the times with the full date, i.e. the day, month and year of the start and end time. If you have several interrupted activities, record them separately so that the exact number of days can be calculated.

The text for the certificate of employment

Certificate of employment

Ms. or Mr. , born on , was employed in our company as in during the following times.


Ms. or Mr. carried out the following activities:

  • first activity
  • second activity
  • third activity

We wish Ms. or Mr. all the best for the future.


The job reference as proof of employment

Generally speaking, you are expected to be one Create a job reference. However, it can be that due to the qualitative impossibility in the assessment of an employee Proof of employment required. Furthermore, it is possible that the employee did not assert his right to a job reference early on. You can find more information about the job reference in this post: Job references.

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