Why are customer ratings important

7 reasons why customer reviews are so important to your website

This article was translated from the original English article by Colm Hanratty.

Thanks to websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, and also due to the surge in smartphone usage, we live in a world where the public is our reviewer, video and photographer, and publisher.

, These people might be reviewing your tours or activities right now. If not, they should, because reviews are good for any business. That's why we use our own TripAdvisor integration tool, with which you can integrate your TripAdvisor reviews into your website. Here are 7 reasons why ...

1. People trust others in the same peer group as (if not more) than professional reviews 

Gone are the days when customers turned to Lonely Planet for a hotel review or the lifestyle section of a newspaper for a restaurant recommendation. Nowadays, people rely on online reviews when researching a product. That's because the people who trust reviews are similar. They perceive these ratings as more authentic than that of a professional critic.

2. Online reviews are good for SEO

Allowing online reviews on your website is good for your SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. SEO spiders (constantly search websites) for e.g. unique content that is regularly updated. If your website has ratings and your competitor's not, the search engine will prefer your website because it is more dynamic than your competitor's more static variant.

Also, more and more people are looking for reviews on a product before making a purchase. With reviews on their website, you have a better chance of ranking for the relevant search terms.

3. They generate feedback

Regardless of whether the feedback is good or bad, everyone likes to hear what their customers think of their service. By being able to have your offer evaluated online, you encourage your customers to tell you what they think. With this feedback, you can regularly improve your offering, get advocates, and more.

4. You open a communication channel

When a customer leaves a review and gives you feedback, they give you the opportunity to respond and start a new communication. Reply to customer reviews, thank them, or ask whatever you want.

5. User Generated Content (UGC) is generated

Finding topics for your website and social media channels can be difficult. But with online reviews, you can create stories for your platforms. Whenever someone says something, or tells an interesting story or posts a cool photo from a tour, they give you the opportunity to share it on site and through your channels.

6. Bad reviews are good too

You might initially think that negative reviews are bad for your business, but they aren't. Negative reviews make the good reviews more authentic. But of course there shouldn't be too many ...

7. You help potential customers to choose an offer

When a customer lands on your website, they are presented with multiple offers. That means that you have to choose. Reviews will help you make this choice easier and then increase your conversion rate as well.

Are you already posting reviews from your customers on your website?

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