How can a man ejaculate without sex

"Can a man ejaculate without an orgasm?"

Question from Hannah (40) to Doktor Sex:

My partner and I recently talked about past sexual experiences. He told me that in the relationships before me he had never had an orgasm. He was with these women to have a girlfriend and not be lonely but without feelings and sexual attraction.

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The sex was mechanical, rare, dispassionate and unsatisfactory. Although he each had an ejaculation. But he felt this more as "finally it is over" and not as an exhilarating climax.

During the narration I noticed that I doubt his statements. However, I lack the knowledge to judge whether this is really possible. Can a man ejaculate during sex without orgasm as he describes it? I don't feel like he's telling me falsehoods. Still, I can hardly believe it.

Answer from Doctor Sex

Dear Hannah,

the term orgasm is mostly used synonymously with ejaculation. Often the two phenomena also take place together. But it is also possible to have an orgasm without ejaculation - i.e. ejaculation - taking place at the same time. And the opposite can also be the case, i.e. ejaculation without orgasm.

It should be noted that what is commonly referred to as “climax” or “orgasm” is experienced very individually by people. It is therefore difficult, as an outsider, to judge whether a man experiences ejaculation in isolation or also has a - more or less pronounced - orgasm.

My conclusion: you can believe your husband!

I suspect that your husband has experienced a hybrid so far. So on the one hand a complete ejaculation and at the same time a reduced orgasm. In other words: the intensity of the climax is low, which is why he does not experience it as such. A shallow, less intense orgasm often has to do with the fact that the person concerned only reduces their body during sex, i.e. uses it in a locally limited way. Usually the focus is primarily on the genitals. Often there is also a high basic tension in the muscles and superficial, compressed breathing.

My conclusion: you can believe your husband! If the limited ability to orgasm is still an issue and he wants to change something about it, he should start by dealing with the deeper layers of his being. This also includes bringing to light unconscious fears and expectations during sex.

(L'essentiel / Bruno Wermuth)

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