Black Pink is dissolving this year

BLACKPINK: Comeback postponed & new YouTube record

Instead of releasing songs again as planned and ending their announced break, the four members of BLACKPINK will no longer be on the scene by 2020 and instead deal with solo projects.

New YouTube record
Within 18 months, the four BLACKPINK girls mutated into one of the most sought-after K-pop groups on the entire planet. They were able to get around 4.2 billion views thanks to their released music videos on YouTube and thus gained a head start on the seven South Korean artists from BTS. Above all, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa were able to rely on their fans and set a new world record with their visualization of the number one single "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du". Never before had a group in their genre made it, Generating over a billion streams with just one work - in comparison, BTS's most popular video for the single “DNA” can have 866 million clicks.

However, this is not the first record for the four girls: Already in April 2019 they were able to get around 100 million views within two days with their prank for “Kill This Love”, something that no other clip on the before in such a short time Had made the platform.

Time out remains
Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa can look forward to the new highlights in their careers and thanked their fans via Instagram. However, they are not only in a positive mood and also had to find out that BLACKPINK will not be back musically this year and will extend their time-out. Her management "YG Entertainment" declared that "the comeback of the girl group had been postponed to 2020" and that all members want to take care of their own projects.

Their supporters then made an announcement to the label, published countless tweets with the hashtag “#BLACKPINKLeaveYG” and asked the girls to look for a new team. After all, they are not supposed to be properly supported and were allowed to publish “only 13 songs” within three years, while their male colleagues had received larger financial injections and had been pushed more often.

#BLACKPINKLEAVEYG ㅡ can't believe i'm stanning this group with the worst company i've ever known

- akemi (@awkewmee) November 14, 2019


--- astronaut (@jiminyhj) November 14, 2019

BLACKPINK itself did not speak up on any of the allegations, of course.