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How long does minced meat take in the oven? Prepare meatloaf and other dishes in the oven

Half an hour per kilogram at 180 ° C is the often given time for minced meat in the oven. This blanket statement does not always apply. Depending on the recipe, quantity and function of the oven, minced meat takes different times in the oven. We'll tell you the exact cooking times and temperature information for the perfect minced meat dish from the oven!

Minced meat is more versatile than almost any other ingredient. Whether it's a popular children's meal or a traditional dish for high demands, hack on the table promises satisfied guests. We show how minced meat dishes from the oven become a success. There are also tips for all beginners on how to prepare it correctly in the oven without risking the health of family and friends.

Minced meat from the oven - which minced meat to use?

A maximum of 30 percent fat for minced pork and mixed minced meat and 20 percent for minced beef - this is what the European regulation provides. Many stringy edge pieces are used in finished mixtures from vacuum packaging. If you want to offer something special to family, friends and guests, the butcher will turn a piece of meat through the grinder that goes with the dish of your choice.

What are the most popular minced meat dishes from the oven?

Preparing minced meat in the oven is not always easy. There is often only a fine line between raw in the middle and too dry. Four typical methods of preparation should show how easy and tasty minced meat can be with a little practice.


Prepare meatloaf in the oven

Meatloaf is called the wrong hare in some recipes, as the roasting pans for the hare roast were also used to prepare the minced meat dish from the oven.

Whether delicious Italian with a few olives, mozzarella, fresh basil and in a tomato sauce or classic and hearty with boiled eggs and wrapped in bacon - the dish sets no limits to creativity.

How long does meatloaf take in the oven?

A meatloaf is shaped like a loaf of bread and takes around 30 to 45 minutes per kilo at 180 ° C. To make sure that the roast is done, the temperature inside (core temperature) is occasionally checked with a roasting thermometer at the end of the preparation time.

Core temperature for meat loaf

The core temperature of the meatloaf should be 75 ° C. Then it is done and still juicy. The thickest part of the meatloaf is always measured, as the thinner edges bake through faster.

Meatballs and meatballs

Meatballs from the oven

Preparing meatballs in the oven has the advantage that they are lower in fat at the end than when they are prepared in the pan. Meatballs also offer many opportunities to give free rein to your creative ideas. The standard recipe with fine onions, pepper, salt and a little egg can be varied with herbs and cheese fillings. Our tip: Instead of breadcrumbs, just use crumbled crackers.

How long do meatballs and meatballs take in the oven?

The question of cooking time is how big do you like your balls. Smaller specimens can be ready after 20 minutes at 200 ° C, larger balls and meatballs only after 30. The meat thermometer also helps here.

Incidentally, a new mixture is always successful if you fry a small test ball in the pan beforehand. So you know how everything tastes in the end and you can add seasoning.

Vegetables stuffed with minced meat

Pumpkin stuffed with minced meat

Stuffed peppers, zucchini, aubergines or the classic cabbage roll give the minced meat inside a special aroma and retain moisture. Depending on the dish, the mince is mixed with other ingredients such as beans, chilli, corn, cheese and herbs. Many culinary specialties around the world rely on vegetables with minced meat filling.

How long do dishes with minced meat take in the oven?

Due to the protective layer of peppers and co. Everything takes a little longer. At 180 to 200 ° C, stuffed peppers, courgettes and aubergines take about 45 minutes.

Mince feet and other horror story

Mince feet are not a disease to get from eating too much meatloaf and meatballs. Even if the idea allows children to eat a little more vegetables, mince feet are the eye-catchers at the Halloween party.

A good example of more complicated cooking times are the creepy treads because the toes are very flat and the heel area is significantly wider. The task is to protect the thin ends from drying out, while still baking the wide areas through completely.

How long do minced meat feet and Co. need in the oven?

Since they are usually as thick as a small meat loaf, extravagant minced meat figures need around 45 minutes at 180 ° C. Cheese fillings keep narrow areas juicy. After 30 minutes, toes and other narrow areas are also covered with aluminum foil or regularly smeared with broth.

Cooking time for minced meat - better to play it safe

Although tartare (scrap meat) with a little egg yolk and capers or the popular Mettigel can also be eaten raw, normal minced meat mixes must be completely cooked. A core temperature of at least 75 ° C must be achieved. If the mince stays in the oven too long, it dries out and loses its taste. An oven thermometer offers security for all types of roast and is also used by professionals. Minced meat should also be processed on the same day that the package was opened or the meat was purchased.


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