Are safety courses useful

The security industry opens up a wide range of opportunities for employees and a wide range of possible uses and uses on the labor market. Anyone who enjoys working with people will find a suitable job as well as someone who, for example, likes to be alone.

The advantages are obvious:

  • collectively agreed salary consistently above the minimum wage
  • Job security through a wide range of options
  • social dependence on high performers is reduced
  • Career opportunities with appropriate qualifications

Last but not least, the legal minimum requirements for security forces have changed since January 1st, 2017, so that employers, employees and clients have to protect themselves differently.

Our tip: Expanded expertise course

Funding / Financing

We offer you a variety of courses in the security area, as well as course packages with useful additional qualifications.
Start individually in the security industry with a course for the proficiency test; Choose the Compact course, the Advanced course with additional qualifications or the Intensive course with language / learning support. We also offer language courses in German and English especially for security forces.
If you already have the expertise examination 34a GewO as a security employee, then you will definitely be interested in further training for GSSK or retraining to become a specialist in protection and security. We also offer these two courses with many additional qualifications with which you can score points with your (future) employer.
You can also choose our additional qualifications individually: de-escalation, service dog handler, weapons expertise, intercultural competence and the AEVO trainer qualification.

Preparatory courses for expert examination § 34a

coursecompact courseextended courseintensive course
Duration (full time)1 month3 months5 months
Education voucherYesYesYes
contentPreparation course
Preparation course,
Additional qualifications
Preparation course,
Additional qualifications,
German promotion

Advanced training courses in the security industry

Language courses for security forces

German for security forces

Knowledge of German is important for the security service and the IHK exams. In our course especially for security guards, you will learn general and job-related German.

To the German course for security forces

English for security guards

In the security service, employees are increasingly required to know the English language. In this course you will learn job-specific language skills.

To the English for Security Forces course

Qualifications for the security service

AEVO instructor qualification

Become a trainer, we will prepare you for the IHK AEVO exam. You will learn the theoretical knowledge and practice the practical test.

To the course instructor aptitude


Situations often escalate where the conflict has not been adequately reacted to.
Professions such as the security industry, social work or employees in contact with customers are particularly often affected.

To the course de-escalation

Weapons expertise

Weapon expertise is required to be able to work in special security areas. In the course, participants acquire basic knowledge and the authorization to carry a weapon while on duty.

To the weapon science course


Service dog handler

The demand for good service dog teams (dog and dog handler) is steadily increasing. In this course, you will learn the specialist knowledge you need to use with the service dog.

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Intercultural Competence

In small groups, clichés and prejudices are shown and the participants' sensitivity to culture-related differences and the misunderstandings that may result from them are sharpened.

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