Why do people look down on themselves

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I imagine: highly developed star dwellers look at us down.
I envision highly developed beings on the stars ... watching us through a giant telescope.
We look at you down, with a mixture of pity and disgust and fear.
I can count all of my bones; but they watch and look at me down.
I can count all my bones; people star and gloat over me.
People look at People downwho choose to stay at home rather than work because they think they are not contributing to society.
People look down upon people who chose to stay home instead of work because they feel as if they are not contributing to society.
We look down on the beautiful streets that are deeply immersed in their dream of security and peace.
Lost in thoughts of peace and tranquility I look down on the fields of glory
It is important not to focus on conceptual meditation down to see.
It is important not to look down on conceptual meditation.
I see about me down, and it's not just my arm that feels cold.
I. look down, and it's not just my arm that feels cold.
To discover them, you have to stand on one of the rock ends of the semicircle and from above look down... A little further was our lunch.
In order to discover it, one has to climb on the top of a rock and look down... A bit farther, there was our lunch.
These refugees see Definitely not down on what has been achieved, namely to have spread peace and security almost everywhere on the entire continent.
Those refugees certainly do not look down on the achievement that it is to have spread peace and security across almost the entire continent.
Something in us wants faces, figures, a landscape or a galaxy see, and yet see we only down on a small piece of beach.
Something within us strives to lake faces, figures, a landscape, or a galaxy, and yet we are only looking down on a limited stretch of beach.
From the direction of the rocks see we down to the village of Szulyó and the valley that encompasses the northern foothills of the Strá ovské vrchy mountains.
From the cliffs, we are now looking down at Súl'ov and the Súl'ov valley, which is flanked by the northern extensions of the Strá ovské vrchy.
According to legend, you can get on both of your legs from above look down: The two plains near the mountains.
Supposedly, you can lake his legs from above: the two plains by the mountains.
I see the sun down fall so that everyone knows better now
Because dogs surrounded me, a gang of evildoers surrounded me. They dug through my hands and my feet. I could count all my bones. You look and look at me (down). Why did Jesus suffer so much?
Dogs have surrounded me; a band of evil men has encircled me, they have pierced my hands and my feet. I can count all my bones; people star and gloat over me. They divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing.
First of all, he saw him as a whole, as if from a distance; it was granted to him in "a very high mountain" down to see.
First of all, he saw it as a whole, as from a distance; he was given to view it from the very "high mountain."
See the men and women up you downwhen you're out there
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