When were you the saddest ever

Peter tells a sad story

Hello, dear children!

So slowly I'm really fit on the computer. For the sixth time I am writing to you today. Maybe there is also something good that we don't see each other. I'm really angry ...

Hello, Kiki, it's me, Petrus. What are you so mad?

I can't hear the name anymore !!! I don't want to see her anymore, the traitor! Stupid stupid Rica !!!

What about you guys again? Are you troubled, Rica and you?

How did she betray you? What was going on?

Well, she said she wasn't my girlfriend !!

Wandering sheep passed the church and saw

that I live there. They probably thought that was so stupid that they

have laughed. A mouse that lives in the church, haha ​​!!!

... and then the Rica noticed that the wandering sheep were over you

laugh and was ashamed to admit that she is also in church

lives with you !?

Yes exactly! The migrating sheep asked if Rica knew me.

And she said NO. She doesn't know me and doesn't know anything about me!

THAT'S A LIE!!! You don't betray your best friends!

And now you are disappointed. I can understand that well.

And you're angry too, I understand too. Of course you are right, Kiki.

But watch out. I want to tell you something: I am exactly the same

happens. Or rather, JESUS. Do you want to hear it?

Peter, tell…. I sit in my chair and listen.

All right, Kiki, for your sake I'll keep telling you, even if it's difficult.

Pssst, here I am again. I have to be quiet and careful. Bad things have happened. I'm scared - really scared. My heart is beating very loud. You don't believe it? Neither do I! I always thought I was brave and strong. The strong brave Peter! Pah, that's not true at all. I failed and betrayed Jesus !!!


Soldiers came in the middle of the night. They arrested Jesus and took him away. I need to know what they're doing to Jesus. I sneaked after in the dark. You led him to a big house. I went into the yard. A woman came. She stopped in front of me, looked at me and said to me:

“You belong to this Jesus. I saw you with him. "

I was scared and quickly said:

"I do not know what you're talking about."

I've crawled into a dark corner. Nobody sees me there.

It was then that the rooster crows for the first time.

Then another woman discovered me and spoke to me: “You are also one of the friends of this Jesus!” “I don't know what you want from me,” I deny everything. Later a soldier said to me: “But I saw you earlier with Jesus. You can't deny that. "

I was very scared, no longer knew what to do and called out loudly: “God should punish me if I lie! Honestly, I don't know this man at all. "

As soon as I've said that, the rooster crows for the second time. I am frightened: O, no, what did I do !!? I wonder: what did Jesus say to me at the sacrament? Now I know it again:

"Tonight, before the rooster crows twice, you will claim three times that you do not know me."

I am so sad that I have to cry. Now Jesus is completely abandoned.

I'm so sad about myself that I run away crying. I wanted to be brave and do everything for Jesus. And now! I failed miserably! I left Jesus alone and betrayed him. Jesus can never forgive me for that, can he ?!

No, he can't, definitely not! Crazy, Peter !!!

Yes, it's awesome. But you know what, Kiki? I did not see that Jesus saw everything.

Ouch, then he will be just as angry with you as I am in Rica!

One could think so. But it's very different. A few days later I saw Jesus again and learned that Jesus looked after me when I ran away so desperately. He looked after me, as only Jesus can see alone, with a look full of love. Jesus knows me very well and knows what is going on in my heart. Jesus is sad, that's the way it is. And maybe disappointed. But: I am not indifferent to him. Jesus doesn't give me the cold shoulder like you are doing with Rica right now. I can't go on now, have to go ...

But you're making it exciting, Petrus! What happens then?

Then he runs away, Peter…. hopefully he'll come back and finish the story ?!



A prayer for everyone to pray for


Dear God, every day is different.

Sometimes we are happy because we have experienced something beautiful.

Sometimes we are sad because something bad has happened.

Sometimes we are fine and we are grateful.

Sometimes we feel bad and we are anxious.

Peter is like us too.

Today he betrayed Jesus and left him alone

and became very sad about it.

Jesus, you were scared too.

Your friends betrayed and abandoned you.

You know and understand our fear.

You give us new courage.

You don't leave us alone.

Let us know your closeness and your love

experienced in hearing your stories

and be with us when we sing and pray. AMEN






God be with you always, every new day.

May he accompany you

whatever may come.

May he protect you

he will go with you,

today and tomorrow,

Step by step.




Stay protected and keep dear children, your Kiki

Unfortunately, Peter cannot say goodbye today, he has hidden himself and is in mourning