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We are technology, we live service, we think innovatively - we are MEDION!
MEDION AG is a company from the heart of the Ruhr area: Our headquarters are in Essen and since 1983 we have been known for first-class electronic products at fair prices. We are Germany's leading provider of state-of-the-art consumer electronics and also provide innovative digital services for our customers and trading partners. We plan, develop, design, package and sell our products ourselves. From high-quality, high-performance PCs or notebooks, tablets and smartphones to telecommunications services, smart home modules and kitchen products to all of the accessories, we offer a wide range of products - and take care of inquiries and requests with a competent customer service team even after the purchase.

Our innovative MEDION products combine attractive design with the latest technology and at a fair price. MEDION products are manufactured according to the strictest quality requirements and meet the latest technological standards. We bring the latest technology and services to people. Not tomorrow, but today. Without a lot of frills, without unnecessary and expensive special functions, but with a lot of passion and experience. Our customers want honest technology for real people - and that's exactly what they get from MEDION.

MEDION: A company with a history
The positive company development of MEDION since 1985 led to the successful IPO in 1999. MEDION has been part of the Lenovo family since 2011, making it the world's largest PC manufacturer (Lenovo is the majority shareholder of MEDION AG). The customer-oriented orientation and the principles of our company have not changed since the partnership with Lenovo - also because the management has been the same for many years: Gerd Brachmann and Christian Eigen have been managing MEDION AG as board members since 1999.

From the heart of the Ruhr area to the end of the world
We have offices in Essen and Oberursel (Taunus), Great Britain, the Netherlands and France. Together with our subsidiaries in the USA, Australia and Hong Kong, we also supply large international retail chains. We manufacture our products precisely to order and deliver quickly and reliably. Selling to a wholesaler is far from over for us: From development to production and shipping to customer service, we take on all important tasks relating to a product. Together with our partners, we also plan and implement attractive sales campaigns - also internationally and on several continents at the same time.

Let's start your professional life with MEDION
We are proud of the fact that we are allowed to accompany young people in their first steps into professional life year after year. For this we offer, among other things, vocational training in the commercial, creative and IT areas. There are additional training positions in our call center. Or in other words: No matter what topics you are interested in or what tasks you enjoy - you will always find a suitable position with us.

We at MEDION are happy about the many motivated young people who are doing an apprenticeship with us with great commitment and a fixed goal in mind. We design the processes to be as practical as possible: our trainees are given responsibility for their own tasks at a very early stage. Our experienced employees and trainers are of course available to help at any time - if necessary. And what if, despite all the practice, theory is the problem? Then, of course, we also support our trainees - for example with preparatory courses at recognized, external training centers and by promoting internal learning groups. Because one thing is clear: Nobody should have exam stress or fear with us.

And after the training? When all the exams have been passed and the basics have been learned, many trainees decide to continue their careers with us. Of course, we are also happy to refer our new employees to our subsidiaries. If you want to think outside the box, our branches abroad offer you the opportunity to do so. No matter where you find your place in the MEDION Group: Because there is a lot more to learn than the training can convey, we also support you afterwards with a wide range of advanced training courses.

MEDION products and services
Our core competence since the beginning of the company has been the development and sale of computer and multimedia products such as notebooks, PC systems, monitors, smartphones and tablets. This also includes the MEDION Smart Home modules with which our customers can retrofit home automation themselves. Consumer electronics such as LCD televisions, Internet radios and Bluetooth speakers as well as household and health products are other fields in which we have decades of experience. Often customers do not even know that they are already using a MEDION product at home or at work. Especially when it is sold through one of our partners, we sometimes also offer products under other brand names - for example “Microstar”, “Lifetec” and “Micromaxx”.

In addition, we have built up an excellent reputation as a developer and marketer of services over the past few years. These include the ALDI TALK discount prepaid tariff, launched in 2005 together with the E-Plus Group, as well as the ALDI Foto photo service (since 2005), the music streaming service ALDI life Musik powered by Napster (since 2015) and ALDI life eBooks (since 2016).

We see many growth opportunities for MEDION here in the future and therefore regularly discuss exciting and promising investment opportunities. In the coming years we will primarily expand our capacities in the national and international "after-sales" area. We also want to further expand the IT infrastructure at our company headquarters in Essen in order to be able to cope with all the requirements of the digital future.

We offer our national and international trading partners a concept that has been tried and tested for many years and is constantly being further developed: From the product idea to customer support, we take on the entire process for our major customers - including all services that may be part of the product (e.g. mobile phone contracts or Similar). Thanks to our many years of experience, we implement these solutions extremely quickly for the mass market and thus offer a service that is unique in this form. Our partners include the largest international retailers.

MEDION and its partners: a strong team
Not all steps in the “value chain” are taken on by us alone. In a modern company, we rely on our large network of reliable international partners - we have had excellent relationships with many of them for years. In this way we can respond flexibly to the individual wishes of our customers and always offer them the perfect product. In cooperation with our partners and on the basis of our combined development experience, the optimal product is created at the best possible price.
We are often even pioneers and set trends. With the award-winning MEDION ERAZER PCs, for example, we are one of the leading companies in the gaming sector.

We take over the handling and monitoring of the entire logistics process for our customers and regularly check all processes in order to guarantee a perfect result. Thanks to our equally flexible, reliable and long-term partnerships, we can offer all our customers an extremely good price-performance ratio - across our entire range.

Designed in Germany: the MEDION style
Despite all the technical finesse, we at MEDION always have another important aspect in mind: the design. Our customers should not only be pleased with the reliability and performance of our products, but also with their appearance. All decisions regarding color, shape and material are made here in Germany by our design team. This is how we ensure that all of our products have the unmistakable MEDION look.

Exemplary service? But of course!
At MEDION, we want to offer innovative electronic products at a fair price. With this principle we have been making millions of buyers nationally and internationally happy for decades. We do everything we can to ensure that the experience with our products is positive from start to finish - whether for large or private customers. Our competent customer care team is available to answer questions 365 days a year. Because with us, the customer relationship does not end with the purchase. Perfect service is particularly important to us. If a case cannot be solved by phone or email, our repair service takes care of it - quickly and efficiently.

MEDION as a partner
Especially here in the Ruhr area, many different sports have always had a firm place in people's hearts. We have been the technical outfitter of the leading international eSport club SK Gaming since 2013. This cooperation is one of the longest eSports partnerships in Germany.

Innovations at MEDION: traditionally innovative
Both our employees and the entire MEDION company can fall back on many years of experience with every project. Nevertheless, we always look ahead: we react dynamically and promptly to current trends, exciting developments and new topics. With our smart home portfolio, for example, we developed a completely new product range in 2016. With this, we cover the areas most requested by our customers with a single, reliable and interactive system: comfort, energy and security.

We also offer our customers the latest technology at affordable prices in the areas of smartphones and tablets. High-resolution displays, dual cameras, products with multi-SIM support, high-quality workmanship and high-performance hardware are a matter of course for our mobile products. Exactly the same applies to the PC and notebook range: the latest processors and graphics cards, touch displays and SSD hard drives are naturally used in our products. Customers can also find multiroom audio systems, compact Bluetooth speakers, internet radios and much more in the MEDION portfolio.

MEDION: Top technology at a fair price
Our products are available both online and in stores. Quality and topicality are the top priority in development and production - without this being reflected in high prices: We offer the latest top electronics at a price that is so fair that we can find space on the (virtual) shelves of discounters as well as in the Specialized trade. And that is exactly the MEDION mission: To make innovative, high-quality and easy-to-use technology available to everyone - not tomorrow and not at high prices, but today and at a reasonable price.