Why are buildings called buildings

Building measurement

Why do you need a building survey?

The legal obligation to measure the building initially serves the owner to secure the property. This happens in accordance with the land register. Once the measurement has been carried out, the data is transferred from the Office for Land Management to the property map. The owners or builders will later receive an extract from the cadastral map with the newly registered building.

The real estate cadastre as a public register serves to clarify, establish, transparently and structure private and public legal relationships on the land.

As a basic information system, it is to be kept complete, up-to-date and with a high degree of accuracy, thus securing border peace and rights in property transactions.

With its parcel identifiers and the cartographic representation of the property boundaries, the real estate cadastre participates in the public belief of the land register. Anyone can therefore rely on the correctness of this data and the representations.

In addition to securing land under property law, the real estate cadastre with its detailed representation of buildings and land provides an important basis for numerous other branches of administration, politics and society, e.g. for

  • Credit institutions (lending documents for loan security)
  • Real estate appraisal
  • Rescue services, fire brigade, police and disaster control (public safety and order)
  • Energy supplier
  • Network operator for Internet / telephone (e.g. locating new systems or faults in the line network)
  • Delivery services / navigation

The high accuracy (less than 3 cm) is important for:

  • Planning security of public and private planning agencies
    (e.g. development plans - consideration of the local conditions according to building regulations and planning, neighborhood law, as well as noise protection and environmental aspects)
  • Compliance with the prescribed spacing between buildings or their property boundaries, building loads and fire service access
  • Division permit according to §7 HBO (requirement for property division)

With approx. 15,000 accesses per month via "Geodata online" there is a very high level of interest in these ALKIS® data in Hesse.