Can a married man love you

LOVE WITH THIRD PARTIES In love with a married man

Is it really love or just an adventure? Will he split up? And how could that actually happen? Anyone who falls in love with a married man has as many questions on their mind as butterflies in their stomach. Answers to a situation that doesn't just hit two hearts.

Love is blind. Sometimes it even makes you so blind that you simply overlook the shiny gold ownership of someone else, which is so strikingly and beautifully forged around the ring finger of the supposed husband of the gods. He is married. And you are in love with a married man. That is a fact - not a simple one, nor a rare one. But one that raises many questions.

How could this happen to me? who in love with a married man is, you will probably not only ask yourself this question, but will also often hear it from outsiders. But unless that's your crush's wife, there is probably only one answer: What is it to you? Because that much is definite: you are neither a witch nor a slut. You are human. And falling in love just happens. Zack, Cupid's arrow hits the heart backwards and you see the world pink. When the heart speaks, the head pauses in transmission. So the point is not that you fell in love with a married man. But what you do now.

In love with a married man ... what now?

You probably keep asking yourself this question. The bad news is: Neither we nor anyone else can give you an answer. The good: The solution is in this message. There is no objective right or wrong. You alone have to decide what is good and right for you. And it is you who have to live with the consequences. Sounds easy. But it is not. Every woman who has ever been in love with a married man knows that. It also becomes more difficult when you consider that your actions also have consequences for others. Definitely for another woman - you know, the one with the ring on her finger. And possibly one, two, three, ... other people.

Will he split up?

Being in love is one thing, planning a future is another. If your love is to have a chance, he has to part with his wife. For many women, whether he will do that is the biggest and most important of all questions. But also one over which you have no control. Because whether your married lover will separate from his wife depends solely on how he feels about you and how attached he is to his marriage. After all, he has to decide not only for you, but also against the other woman. As a rule, nobody makes such a decision overnight. Especially not after many years of relationship or marriage. This is precisely why you should be aware of one fact: a divorce is not just a decision, but also a process with ups and downs.

Should i break up

The fact that he is separating from his wife is one way of bringing an end to the chaos of love. But you too can end the affair and make things clear. Whether you do that depends on one person again - on yourself. Only then should you separate yourself from yours married loverif you believe it is correct. To abuse a separation as leverage to get a divorce from his wife, on the other hand, would be a wrong motive.

Love or adventure?

This is the question who is in love. who in love with a married man is, it turns out even more. Have you really found love or just got lost in something? Does he love you too? Or is he just looking for an erotic adventure outside of the marriage bed? Of course, doubts can easily arise, especially with a married man. Especially when he's not considering divorce. However, this does not necessarily have to mean that there is no love involved. After all, he has a big decision to make. It is only logical that it does not fall overnight. Whether he is fair to his wife is another matter.

Should I tell his wife?

This question cannot be answered simply or across the board either. The fact is: If someone learns that they are being cheated on by their partner, it destroys a lot. You should be aware of this consequence. On the other hand, everyone has a right to know how they are being played along. A question of conscience that everyone has to answer for themselves. It may be helpful to find out what motives are used to think about going to the betrayed wife. Do you just want to get revenge? Relieve your conscience? Or offer clarity to the woman? What is it that drives you? And how do you rate your motive yourself?

Why am I in love with a married man?

That you fell in love with a married man of all people is likely Cupid's fault. The fact that you may fall in love with forgiven men again and again is not something the God of love can do about it. If you often only have eyes for men that you theoretically cannot have, there may well be an unconscious behavior pattern behind them. There are many psychological causes and explanations for this. Whether it is the fear of a real bond, an unconscious competitiveness towards other women or a completely different motivation, only you can find out. Support from coaches or psychologists is helpful in many cases to see more clearly and finally to break the curse of married men. Because the bottom line is that everyone wants the same thing: to find a partner for life.

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