What does the Abbreviation ID mean

ID (German)

Part of Speech: Abbreviation

Word meaning / definition:
1) Identification number (character string for logging into computer systems)
2) I.informationdservice
3) I.candservice
4) I.ndonesien
Origin of the term:
1) from English identification

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

So yes, it is apparently easier than you think if you want Face ID crack on an iPhone. But do you want that?
Telepolis, December 21, 2018

New security feature for WhatsApp: Messenger is working on the introduction of touch ID and Face IDto better protect chats.
Day 24, October 25, 2018

Not only the iPhone itself, but also WhatsApp has been able to use Face for some time ID or touch ID to be protected. However, this is not yet really certain.
Today.at, February 22, 2019

With this function, WhatsApp protects against secret readers: The iPhone app can now be accessed via touch ID and Face ID to secure.
BILD.de, February 04, 2019

iPhone users can now use Face ID or touch ID make sure that only you yourself can see the messenger.
heise online, February 4th, 2019

Volkswagen missed it ID-Series an upgrade: The ID 4 is an electric compact SUV with a range of 500 kilometers.
Computer picture, March 04, 2020

With Safari 14 you can use Face ID or touch ID register if the provider supports this technology.
Computer Week, June 26, 2020

Android generates an advertisingID automatically when switched on for the first time. According to the complaint, Google does not obtain the necessary consent under the GDPR. The ID cannot be switched off either, but only with a new one ID replace.
ZDNet.de, May 18, 2020

After this ID.3 VW is already showing the next member of its new electric car family: the ID Space Vizzion is likely to be of particular interest to drivers who have previously driven a Passat.
t-online, November 20, 2019

The ID Space Vizzion gives an outlook on the first electric station wagon from VW.
autobild.de, November 25, 2019

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Cipher (go., French): Sign of a cipher; Word with an encrypted meaning; a number that appears under an advertisement in place of the advertiser's name and that is included in the reply to the newspaper
  • code: Computer science, communications engineering: a system of agreements that defines the unambiguous assignment of characters and character strings of two different character systems or such a character system itself; Computer science, short for source code, i.e. the human-readable code of computer programs; Biology the genetic code; Sociolinguistics the way of speaking of a certain social class according to the sociolinguist Basil Bernstein; Law a comprehensive code of law; Cryptology System for the encryption of texts or for the decryption of encrypted texts; Linguistics system of linguistic signs and their connections; Semiotics system of signs and their connections
  • Secret sign: A sign that is incomprehensible to the uninitiated
  • Identification Number: Number to identify a person, a data set or a device
  • Identifier
  • Identification mark
  • Identifier: general: distinctive, characteristic feature, own sign or the entirety of characteristic features, signs for unambiguous identification; Radio: acoustic, electronic signal by which a radio station can be recognized or identified; Marine life, geography: landmark; Maritime affairs, aviation: typical signal from beacons or radio beacons
  • key

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Indonesia: a state in Southeast Asia Abbreviation: 1) ID, IDN, INA, RI Origin of the term: from Greek: Ινδία (Indía) = India and νήσος (nḗsos) = island Synonyms: 1) Republic of Indonesia Generic terms: 1) Country, state Examples of use: 1) We're going to Indonesia

Idaho: State in the northwest of the US Abbreviation: 1) ID Synonyms: 1) Gem State Use cases: 1) The capital of Idaho is Boise

I'd: ... that we would be too late. 2) I'd been late. I was late. Translations German: 1) I would; 2) I had similar terms: id, ID ...

İD: See also: ID İD (Turkish) Part of Speech: Abbreviation Word Meaning / Definition: 1) Abbreviation for İslâm Devleti - the Islamic State, which was proclaimed by the terrorist organization ISIL in Iraq and Syria

access data:… -S Related terms: 1) User ID, user name, identification number / ID, identifier, password, password, password, solution Examples of use: 1) "Let the access data be ...

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