Where can I plan my Christmas party

5 tips for a successful digital Christmas party

Skip the annual Christmas party? Not with us! - We celebrate digitally.


You know, we still have to say it: Corona and its effects on our social life and work have all got us under control for over half a year. Now the Christmas season is here. And everyone is wondering: Christmas party - yes or no? But the Christmas season without a Christmas party is like baking cookies without cookie cutters: Somehow it works without it, but it's just better with.

In this post we introduce you to how we planned our Christmas party. Let yourself be inspired and take our experiences, tips and tricks with you for your own planning.

So we looked for alternatives. And quickly made the decision to simply celebrate digitally. This is Corona-compliant and inexpensive.

When I was asked to plan a digital Christmas party, I was faced with the great task of scouring the Internet. One thing was certain: the date. I quickly found helpful sites and suggestions and listed the best. The team has now voted which of the program proposals for the Christmas party are the most popular?

The Christmas program of the Leipzig School of Media:

  • Among Us

    Do you know the board game "The Werewolves of Mirkwood"? This game, which is currently streamed continuously from Youtubers, works in a similar way. It's set in a spaceship and we're the crew. But one of our team is an impostor who will try to sabotage our spaceship and eliminate team members. The goal for the crew is to find the Impostor and get rid of them. The impostor, on the other hand, wants to be the only survivor.

    For this game everyone needs: r players: in a Steam account and it is playable for up to 8 people. Perfect for small teams!

  • skribbl.io

    Four words: digital charade with drawing. Create a private room on this free site. Send the link to your team and you're good to go. In this turn-based game, one team member always draws and everyone else has to guess the term they are looking for.

    Fun for in between. How many can fit in a room - we assume at least 10!

  • Digital Secret Santa

    The classic thought differently: Share your internet trash with your team and give it away as a gift. (Internettrash: funny websites, gifs, videos, memes, etc.) Each team member selects Internettrash and presents it. The other team members then have to argue who is getting this trash and why.

    Get creative. Number of participants: as many as possible.

  • Who am I?

    Rules of the game: Each: r player: in thinks up a prominent personality for another player and writes it down. The person for whom the slip is intended does not look, while their "I" for the other players is held in the camera. It is best for fellow players to take notes so that nobody forgets who it is about.

    The only thing the team needs: pen and paper.

In addition, every team member should wear something for Christmas and provide themselves with mulled wine. For a further Christmas atmosphere, everyone receives a goodie bag. What's inside I dont know! But I will be there on December 4th. at 7 p.m.


  1. Good planning and communication is half the battle
    Designate one or more people to take care of planning your Christmas party. Make sure that everything that your team requires is well communicated and plannable. So that, for example, team members with children can also prepare for the Christmas party.

    Tip: Plan the Christmas party in the conference tool that you are already using.

  2. Note team size
    When researching game options, you should always keep your team size in mind. Creativity may be required and you have to adapt a game to your situation through, for example, breakout sessions. And don't forget to involve your team (if possible)!

  3. Take care of suitable technical equipment
    Have you decided on a program? Perfect! For the next step, you need to make sure that every team member can also participate. Verify that everyone: r participant: in has access to the tools and apps they need. Otherwise, create new accounts for each team member.

  4. Create a Christmas mood
    Whether goodie bags, the invitation to drink mulled wine and eat cookies or the obligation to wear a Christmas hat. Don't be shy, because the devil is in the details. That way, the Christmas spirit quickly arises.

  5. Store information centrally
    Store the information centrally so that the whole team can always access information (when, how, what) from the Christmas party. Preferably in a place where your team moves one way or another (internal wiki, Asana, Trello etc.). A nice overview that is easy to find arouses anticipation.

    We have summarized further program ideas (mainly games) for you in this PDF.

We wish you a happy and successful digital Christmas party. If you want to know how our Christmas party went and what's in our goodie bags - then follow us on Instagram and Co.

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