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The most beautiful inspirations for girls' dresses! Every girl is guaranteed to find something here.
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How to measure correctly Children’s measurement chart
Correct measurement is a prerequisite for a well-fitting cut. You need to know your body measurements in order to choose the correct fit size. We explain here how to correctly measure children's body measurements. This is how the respective measurements are taken: 1 Height: Measure from head to toe while standing upright. 2 Chest circumference: Place the measuring tape in front of the strongest part of the chest, pass it under the arms, rising slightly on the back. 3 Waist circumference: The measurement is taken at the narrowest part of the body. The waist band is fixed here. 4 Hip circumference: Place the tape measure horizontally over the thickest part of the buttocks. 5 Arm length: Measure from the shoulder point to the wrist with the elbow slightly bent. 6 Side length without waistband: Measure from the lower edge of the waist band to the sole of the foot. 7 Inner leg length: Measure from the end of the leg at the crotch to the sole of the foot. 8 Back length: Measure from the slightly protruding cervical vertebra along the middle of the back to the lower edge of the waist band.
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Romantic ruffles and flounces make the eyes of our little heroines shine. Nonetheless, casual cuts and comfortable fabrics invite robbery.
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Girl's dress from an old shirt
What to do with old men's shirts Throw away? Too bad! If the fabric is not full of stains or moth holes, a cute girl's dress can be sewn from it. This sewing project is super easy and ideal for men's shirts that no longer meet the taste, are too big or too small, where the sleeves have holes or stains - these are cut away and not recycled. We decorated the cute girl's dress with a potato print.
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