What is the best career in tourism

Professions in tourism - the top 5!

  1. Tourism clerk
  2. Destination Manager
  3. Health Tourism Assistant
  4. Sports tourism manager
  5. Tourism Director

Tourism clerk (m / f)

Tourism clerks are a well-known profession in tourism because they are the experts for travel - from advice to booking. In the dual training you will learn to support your customers with words and deeds and to help them get their dream vacation. You work for both private and business customers. As Tourism clerk you also have to convince as a real sales expert and still keep an eye on the wishes and needs of your customers.

Salary per month: During the apprenticeship you can expect a monthly remuneration of up to 970 euros gross. After the apprenticeship, gross salaries between 1900 and 2450 euros per month are possible.

Destination Manager

Not only business freaks, but also leisure diplomats with intercultural skills are in demand in tourism. Because due to falling flight prices and increasing individualization, states, municipalities or holiday resorts have to ensure that enough travelers leave their backpacks in local hotels and guest houses. Destination Manager make sure that vacation spots become attractive. At the same time, they harmonize the interests of those who are involved in the design of a holiday resort. So you are not only in contact with travelers, but also with administrations or the local retail and hotel industry.

Therefore, you should bring a high degree of diplomacy and resilience with you. An interest in political contexts is also an advantage. In addition to travel and cruise operators, local authorities and tourism associations are also potential employers. The starting salaries vary greatly: 2,000 to 2,700 euros gross are realistic.

Assistant for health tourism / prophylaxis

If you don't want to commit yourself to one subject area, you can opt for the Training as an assistant for health tourism decide, because this way you can combine the health and tourism industries in one job. In the tourism profession, for example, you work for tour operators or in wellness hotels and are responsible for the target group-specific creation of holiday offers as well as wellness and health offers. Because even on vacation you can keep fit and work on your own health.

A Starting salary in the month between 2,000 and 2,700 euros gross. Do you choose Advanced training in tourism or for one Studies in tourism management are well over monthly 3,000 euros gross possible.

Sports tourism manager

Instead of lazing around in the sun, more and more people are taking active vacations. Tourism manager with a focus on sports tourism ensure that customers can really work out and enjoy the advantages of the respective travel destination. The main requirement for a career in tourism is, of course, an interest in sports topics, especially in the outdoor area. As a marketing manager or tour guide, you plan and calculate mountain bike tours, water skiing courses or hiking trips lasting several days. Health offers and recreation can also fall within the remit.

So far, sports tourism is still a niche. There are good job opportunities in sports hotels, nature parks or at event agencies. The starting salary is between 2,000 and 2,700 euros gross.

Tourism Director

Every tourist destination needs one some coordination. To achieve this, the Tourism Director Concepts to promote the development of tourism in certain vacation spots. This also includes tasks such as budget management and public relations. As a tourism director, you can get started once you have completed a Studies in business administration with a focus on tourism can show. Several years of professional experience in the Area of ​​marketing demands.

The Tourism director's salary Can be seen: With a degree and many years of professional experience, the tourism director is monthly with up to 7,000 euros gross rewarded.