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Richard Lugner: "Many men use women as trophies"

"Do you have my biography anyway?" Asks Richard Lugner, and he is happy that you have read it. Before you know it, you hold a cap and a Leiberl with "Gemma Lugner" in your hands. "Take the CD with you too," he orders. "I am the liar (Olé olé). There are never many of them. "

DEFAULT: It has been quieter around you since Corona. No opera ball, no nightlife, no bath in the crowd. Is the crisis damaging the Lugner brand?

Liar: Of course, I hardly go out anymore. I broke my pelvis in August and didn't want to leave with the crutches. On November 2, I was at Café Engländer, two kilometers further on the terrorist was shot. Since then I haven't gone out in Austria.

DEFAULT: Are you afraid that the circus around you could tear down and you will no longer fill in gossip columns and TV soaps?

Liar: It's advertising for Lugner City, I like doing it. Only these selfies are really bad. At an Oktoberfest there were 400 in two hours. I very rarely refuse. Who knows, maybe it's customers and they're mad at me.

DEFAULT:Life has returned to Lugner City. Are you now strolling through the mall for hours and picking up every piece of paper?

Liar: Only rarely, maybe once or twice a day. I'm very busy, converting one of my houses into a hotel. And we have lost a lot of dealers: Colloseum, Orsay, Pimkie, Dressmann. People don't want empty shopping centers. But now they are everywhere. The SCS or Plus City are beautiful, just too big. They lack the frequency.

DEFAULT: Are you filling the gaps in the ranks of your tenants?

Liar: That costs a lot of money. Action moves in with me. But I don't earn anything from that. We're too small for Primark, and they don't pay rent anyway. One problem for retailers is that even ancient Viennese interest booths must not be torn away, even if there is nothing beautiful on their facade.

DEFAULT: "Gemma Lugner" became something deeply Viennese. Their center is considered to be the village square of the city children. Would you like to have grown up like this?

Liar: The world was still another then. I grew up in Vienna opposite the Ringturm. We went to Taborstrasse and Praterstrasse. But there was not much shopping available during the war. I spent the summers in the garden in Breitenfurt, in a five by six meter house, the toilet 45 meters away. That was our dream. I was very happy there.

DEFAULT: They grew up in the room, kitchen and cabinet ...

Liar: ... with a toilet in the hallway. After grandfather died, we merged the apartments. Then a bomb fell in the previous wing. The nursery and bathroom were gone. The hardships during the war did not harm me. I see the world differently today.

DEFAULT: Her first job as an entrepreneur was converting an hour hotel. You became famous for the construction of the Vienna mosque.

Liar: I started at the Lorenz construction company. She was rock solid. I could have bought it 15 years ago. I would have itched. But I didn't want my former bosses to be my subordinates. I myself later had 700 people and in the summer still 500 temporary workers. Above all, I wanted beautiful construction sites, I didn't care what I earned. I got the order for the mosque - although a builder had himself cut for it and converted to Islam.

DEFAULT: In the industry, you have been recognized for handshake quality and perfectionism. But in 2003 your construction company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Is that still gnawing at you today?

Liar: It was my life's work. Of course it hit me. I had 300 or 400 construction sites a year, most of them in the first district. Undeclared work wasn't mine. I handed the company over to my sons when I ran for election as Federal President. Although I had no chance against the officiating officer. It's a shame that they didn't want to continue running the company. The construction business is risky, but you can also make money from it.

DEFAULT: Would you choose differently today, for the construction business?

Liar: I would have been happy. But I didn't expect to get that old. I had agreed with my first wife that our two sons would get the company, and I stuck to that.

DEFAULT: Instead of site managers, cameras are now your constant companions. Your visits to the dentist and Botox treatments are exploited in the media as well as your marital crises. Why do you play the puppet of the nation?

Liar: I register what is written about me every day. Much is weird, some of it is also sensible. I get insulted on the internet. But I don't have a computer and I don't look into it. Maybe I'm a little clueless about that. The children and young people like me. And the people from the garbage disposal. When they greet me in the car in the morning and wave to me, I'm happy.

DEFAULT: You spread your whole life to the public. What are you not talking about?

Liar: I am sure that I draw the lines generously. But I don't talk about sex and details like that.

DEFAULT: How do your kids deal with your life in the spotlight?

Liar: The decline of the construction company has clouded my relationship with one of my sons. A daughter is in America. My daughter Jackie declines media exposure. Even as a child she didn't want that. It's a shame because Lugner City will need a figurehead when I'm no longer there. I am important to Lugner City.

DEFAULT: Has your daughter Jacqueline inherited her business acumen?

Liar: She is the boss of the cinema. I pushed her in a little too much. We're making losses here, horrible. But all industries have problems. People have got used to online shopping.

DEFAULT:How much money did you lose in the pandemic?

Liar: Two million euros for sure. There are only modest rents for new businesses, nobody wants to expand. So I'll probably get up to a million less a year. A purpose for fixed cost subsidies would be important.

DEFAULT: Hence your new loan of 47 million euros?

Liar: Ten million are new. Otherwise it is my old loan at new terms with repayment for ten years. It is also a buffer should something go wrong because of Corona. But we only have 25 percent outside capital. I am a healthy company.

DEFAULT: You don't have to worry about you financially?

Liar: No, you don't have to worry about me, even if we're not doing as well as we used to be. I have often been offered to sell Lugner City. But I built it up, that's out of the question for me. I don't want to walk past her and know she doesn't belong to me anymore. My sons see it differently.

DEFAULT: What cost you more money: wrong decisions as an entrepreneur or women?

Liar: Probably the women. My first wife was my childhood sweetheart. She built the company with me. I was extremely shy and hung on my mother's skirt when I introduced myself to work. I would then send my wife over for construction contracts. Today I'm no longer frightened by business. But I never chased women. My first wife got three houses with the debt on it. My second wife ran away with the OPEC general secretary. My third died after plastic surgery. The mouse (Note: Christina Lugner) received two houses. I'm not angry with anyone and have never fought divorce wars.

DEFAULT: Why do you give very strange names to very young women?

Liar: I didn't make it up. The first and fourth women were called Mausi. The media then named the others Hasi, Katzi or Bambi, reporters were very fond of that.

DEFAULT: Above all, it is a very derogatory image of women. Why do you need women for the surface?

Liar: Many men use women as trophies. The media invited my ex-girlfriends to TV series and hoped for war. But they all got on well. Since then I have had a lot of animals instead of just one partner.

DEFAULT: Publisher Wolfgang Fellner is said to have harassed employees. He denies the allegations. Where does sexual harassment begin for you?

Liar: The goldfish, an acquaintance, thinks that men have to be aggressive and that it is their job to approach women. It has been around for thousands of years. If it were as Fellner himself describes it, it would be harmless. But he's already a friend of beautiful women. An extreme example: If a woman goes into a hotel room with a man, she can guess that the man wants something from her. Women are also dressed much more provocatively than men.

DEFAULT: The man as a victim of his nature? A tight skirt as an invitation to assault?

Liar: I wouldn't say that now. Yet the world lives from the fact that women attract men. I am not an aggressive man myself. However, it is everyday occurrence that some men grab women by the bosom.

DEFAULT: What else would you like to achieve in your life?

Liar: I'm happy with my life, I've made mistakes, but by and large it was okay. I haven't missed anything. My business in the construction company was just livelier. I had the Meinl am Graben, the Steffl in Kärntner Strasse, the synagogue, the Greek-Oriental church, the Creditanstalt's cash desk. That was fun. Sometimes I'm a little wistful.

DEFAULT: The boulevard is looking for a new woman for you.

Liar: I'm fine but a little lonely I've beaten cancer three times and I don't feel like I'm going to have to say goodbye anytime soon. I don't want to just sit at home alone. But all of this is not so easy, because partnerships in the old sense no longer exist. Maybe you have one more, then you'll be a happy person. (Verena Kainrath, May 16, 2021)