Who has to sell something heavy?

Dredging - just rent heavy equipment and save money

Doing dredging yourself saves costs and is fun. And: You don't have to buy heavy equipment - renting it for a while and using it intensively is enough.


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Designing your garden completely yourself, from the planning to all gardening and landscaping activities: This is a dream of many homeowners. And it can become reality - up to and including self-carried out dredging work. Especially for the latter, the ideas of house builders even go beyond creating a garden pond. For example, you would like to take the excavation work for your planned home into your own hands. That is also possible. However, if you are a layperson, you should provide yourself with sufficient information in advance for the latter.

Whether it should be a large and deep excavation or one of a few square meters - laypeople are permitted to carry out all work on their own land. To do this, they can borrow appropriate equipment for earthmoving by the day or by the week. The prices for dredging on your own are significantly lower than when commissioning a specialist company. And the fun factor - by the way - also plays a not entirely subordinate role. After all, what little boy hasn't even dreamed of driving an excavator himself? With the planned excavation for the garden pond, the pleasant can easily be combined with the useful. Once the garden planning has been completed, the project can already be put into practice.

Simply move the earth yourself with dredging

Anyone who wants to carry out earthworks wants to move sand or earth. In the private environment, it is often the plan to create a garden pond yourself. If a volume of around five cubic meters is planned for this, these are of course not excavated with muscle power. This is the reason why amateur gardeners rent an excavator for such a purpose. To excavate a pit for the future idyllic garden pond, of course, nobody has to borrow the 20-ton excavator that is known from a large construction site! The handy excavator variant with a dead weight of 0.8 to 1.5 tonnes makes sense.

The 0.8-tonne truck, also commonly known as the “mini excavator”, can be recognized by the fact that its size is somewhat reminiscent of a ride-on lawnmower - naturally on chains and equipped with an excavator arm. This smallest excavator model is well suited for excavation work in the garden - because of its excavation depth of around 1.7 m and its working range of around 3 m Excavator model - which is simply unsuitable for this purpose.

What is the cost of dredging work with personal contribution?

Anyone who decides against hiring a gardening and landscaping company and decides to make their own contribution will also cite the cost savings as an argument. Because to rent a 0.8 or 1.1 ton excavator for one day, you have to calculate with significantly less than 200 euros. The next larger model with a dead weight of 1.5 tons costs a little over 200 euros per day. Each of the models has to be calculated for around 700 to 900 euros net per week. However, hobby gardeners do not have to charge any additional costs for operating the excavator.

It becomes really lucrative to do the dredging work in the garden yourself when it comes to the complete garden design of a new building. Because if a specialist company is commissioned for this part, additional costs of around 18 percent of the construction costs are to be expected. If this amounts to 350,000 euros, for example, around 63,000 euros must also be spent on garden design. If you rent an excavator and do all the earthworks and other work yourself, you can save yourself the expenses for the work - in our example that would be around 20,000 euros, which builders can save by doing their own garden work. The costs for the excavator rental are hardly significant in comparison.


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