What are some Common Chinese Symbols

Chinese characters visualized with donkey bridges

Illustrated Chinese Characters - Visual Donkey Bridges

Wood based

Woman based

Sun based

Fire based

Mouth based

Person / person based

Enveloping based

With each visually illustrated donkey bridge for a Chinese character, we provide some interesting details that will help you learn. On the one hand there is of course the meaning of the sign, the explanation of how the illustration fits the meaning of the sign (such little stories are sometimes necessary to build the bridge between learning aid and real meaning), the HSK level in which the sign is the first Sometimes it appears which word it is in which the character is used for the first time in the HSK, other common words in which the character occurs ...

And so our illustrated characters are explained in more detail if you click on it above.



The illustrated so-called simplified characters (or abbreviations)

The character, pinyin with stress marks (accents) and the meaning of the character.

Explanation of the visualization (sometimes a little story is needed to better understand the picture with the meaning).







HSK level in which this character appears for the first time, as well as the HSK word in which it occurs.

Usage of the sign. At which point out of 9933 of the most common Chinese characters does this character appear in Hanzicraft?

Some very common words that use this character include pinyin for easier pronunciation and translation.