Why do bad things happen that I imagine

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When I was in Morocco at the beginning of the year, I came across a word that had something magical about it. "Maktub"Is Arabic and means something like"It is written". Anyone who has read Paulo Coelho's “Alchemist” will know what I am talking about. At that time I did not really know what to do with this word, even if I understood in the beginning what it was supposed to mean, but only in the course of the next time did I really understand what this word was all about. And only when I was in the process of writing my book, which is now entitled “Life happens for you”, months later, and looking at my story written on paper, did I see it crystal clear: that every detail of our life has its meaning has and everything happens for some reason.

Sinn & Fügung: Why everything happens for a reason

This realization was one of the most important in my life for me and has helped me immensely to understand my story and everything that is still to come, and to look at it in a positive way. Whether our life is actually directed by an external force such as a god, the universe or something else- who knows? At least I don't believe in coincidences anymore. In the following I would like to explain a little what I mean when I say that everything happens for a reason, because of course - we all know the phrase, but what is really behind it?


The people we get to know

When I was writing my book, it was mostly them People in my lifewho made it clear to me most clearly that everything has its purpose and purpose. If you really think about when and where you met certain people in your life, the question really arises sometimes how it could be that this person stepped into our life at exactly the "right" point in time, or that our paths went our way have crossed in a certain place at a certain time. Especially when traveling, I have often met people who gave me strength or inspiration at the exact moment when I needed it or said that one thing that I have manifested and carry around with me to this day. And it is exactly the other way around: How often do we give another person a smile or say exactly those words to them that they need and do not even notice what kind of influence we are having on this person?

Some, very special people step into our life at a very specific time, namely when we are ready to do so, take our breath away and change our lives forever through their love for us. If you had met this person sooner or later, you might not have been ready for them or you might not have opened your eyes to them. It's just pure magic how things come together sometimes, isn't it?


When one door closes, another opens

Have you ever been annoyed that a certain thing didn't work out in your life? For example, did you have a certain dream and it was not fulfilled? That job that you didn't get back then, even though you put all your heart into getting it? Sometimes certain doors close in our life and that can be really frustrating, but it's really true: when a door in your life closes, then it should just not be (yet).

I've learned that if something just doesn't want to work, no matter how hard I try, then I should question whether it's really the right thing at the moment, because there is often another way that, in retrospect, turns out to be much better or even turns out to be the "right" one. Then you look back and can say: It's good that this door has locked itself, because I was able to recognize and tread completely different and new paths.


Some things have to happen

Even if that's what we least want to hear in moments of grief, some things have to happen in life. Accidents, personal crises, separations, illness and death are part of our lives and even if we fear these things, especially if they affect our loved ones, they too have their reason. To recognize this in our grief is of course very difficult. Things like this can shake us up, they can make people think, they can encourage action, they promote growth and show new paths - if you allow it.


Trust in difficult times

As I said, all of these things helped me a lot to understand life, to recognize its meaning, but above all: to trust that it was in difficult times uphill again very soon will go and the low phase will have made sense.

As an example, I would like to tell you the little thing about my life that, in my opinion, illustrates this thing quite well. Due to my chronic metabolic disease cystic fibrosis, there have already been a few health ups and downs. That often depends on many different factors, e.g. whether I have caught an infection or whether there are certain germs in my lungs, whether you cannot tolerate a drug, how regularly you inhale and exercise, and so on.

A few months ago, after radically changing my diet and exercising every day for a few weeks, I went to a doctor and found that my lung function had deteriorated despite everything, which shocked me quite a bit. The next few months it went a little uphill, but again and again it went downhill. I could not tolerate inhaled medication, it was found that I had multi-resistant germs in my lungs and finally I got very sick about 2 weeks ago and got a fever and a strong cough.

Sometimes I was already scared and feared that my health would only go downhill and sometimes I imagined the worst horror scenarios. Until one day I realized one thing: This was just a phase. It would pass and it will have made sense. Which I didn't know yet, but I knew that I just had to trust it, because if I let myself down like that, I would never get out of this low.

And lo and behold, not only did my health improve again, but it also turned like a kind of switch in my head. I suddenly realized that I had done my therapy measures so half-heartedly in recent years and that I had to - and wanted to - devote a lot more time and attention to my health! After having often poorly nourished myself in the past, I suddenly felt the need to really take care of my body. I also realized that I wanted to deal with my illness differently, because until then I had liked to push it out of my life so as not to identify with it in any way. It has been clear to me since my health was in decline that cystic fibrosis is a big part of me and that I don't have to or don't want to hide it.

My low phase has therefore contributed to a great change that has made me grow again as a person and has brought more mindfulness into my life.


The important thing is simply in phases like these, to trust that the meaning will show itself. And also to appreciate this low phase in life, because without shadow there would be no light. 😉



“Life Happens For You” - The Book

This is exactly the subject of my new book "Life happens for you - around the world with cystic fibrosis and a backpack", which you have been able to pre-order since Monday and which one on October 23 is published. Among other things, it is about recognizing the meaning behind the supposed strokes of fate in our life and understanding for oneself why certain things, such as a chronic illness or the like, are part of ourselves and our life and how we are positive can draw from them. Have a look at my new website that I set up for the book. I am really happy if you pre-order the book 😍

Click here to go to the book page of “Life happens for you”.



Do you also believe that everything happens for a reason? Or do you think that everything is just a series of coincidences? As always, I look forward to your feedback and your honest opinion!



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