Can you reverse rotting teeth

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And because periodontal disease allows the bacteria and acids to get so close to the roots of the teeth, a root infection is easy to catch. And if the root is infected, the entire tooth must be killed.

The nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth need to be killed and cleaned to save whatever is left. If not, the teeth can develop deadly abscesses under the roots that harbor pus and can potentially cause a life-threatening condition called sepsis.,

Sepsis occurs when the body becomes overwhelmed by the release of pus from an abscess in the bloodstream. Sepsis is also known as blood poisoning and is more common than you can imagine. In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 1.5 million cases of sepsis occur each year.

This makes the cost of teeth cleaning in Los Angeles worth the time or effort. Most insurance companies recognize the value of the service as it can reverse the signs of periodontal disease and help patients avoid more expensive treatments.

Periodontal disease begins with inflammation and irritation of the gums. The early signs of periodontal disease come with a tell-tale bleeding gums when you brush your teeth. As periodontal disease progresses, it leads to the separation of gum tissue, loose teeth, and periodontal pockets.

In the advanced stages, teeth begin to rot at the roots. Patients may also experience jawbone deterioration. This makes it impossible to restore the original bite with conventional dental implants.,

The cost of teeth cleaning in Los Angeles is almost nothing when you compare the costs of other dental procedures. The process usually takes 30 to 60 minutes. However, this all depends on whether the teeth are cleaned predominantly above the gums or whether deep scaling and planning are required to address deep periodontal pockets.

The cost of each type of cleaning process

The cost of teeth cleaning in Los Angeles is highly dependent on the sum insured and also the amount of cleaning required., The cost of standard teeth cleaning in Los Angeles is between 50 and 300 US dollars. The average cost is around $ 150. However, when you factor in x-ray and consultation fees, the average standard price for teeth cleaning doubles to $ 300 in a range of $ 200 to $ 400.

Los Angeles deep cleaning costs start at $ 150 to $ 500 for each quadrant of your mouth. And the deep cleaning cost in Los Angeles can be as high as $ 500 to $ 5,000 and more for the entire mouth, it's all relative to how much time it takes to carefully remove the buildup and whether it takes antibiotic injections into periodontal pockets to speed recovery. The injections, a la carte, can cost $ 35 to $ 85 per tooth.

CostHelper readers report that the average uninsured cleaning costs between $ 390 and $ 3,800. As a result, the uninsured deep cleaning cost averages $ 1.257. CostHelper readers also report that dental insurance significantly reduced the cost of deep cleaning to an average of just $ 377. What is really surprising is that the price range was $ 360 to $ 437 around the average.

Why did you clean your teeth at Holistic Smile Care?

A virtue of having your teeth cleaned at Holistic Smile Care is a full assessment to tailor the treatment to your needs before the work is scheduled. Because we offer free dental advice, many patients choose to have their teeth cleaned by us. We save you money and provide the professional cleaning you need without cutting corners.,

This makes the cost of teeth cleaning in Los Angeles even more affordable. You would probably feel uncomfortable going to a dentist who will only charge you $ 50 to clean your teeth. When you see how we can give a discount because we have the experience to quickly assess patients' cleaning needs, it makes sense to shop with us. We do not skimp on quality and still keep our prices affordable.

We also help our clients find affordable dental insurance by paying low monthly payments, and when you consider the cost of teeth cleaning in Los Angeles, the savings are substantial with insurance coverage.

In fact, there is almost no point in paying out-of-pocket for teeth cleanings unless you are about to leave the country and require a minimal one-time cleaning. Most insurance plans cover at least one or two teeth cleaning a year because they know it will keep insurance claims down.

And because we offer free dental advice, the cost of teeth cleaning in Los Angeles keeps insurers grinning., They don't mind paying for our treatments and they are happy to see that customers are happy with their insurance plans.


Don't let the cost of teeth cleaning in Los Angeles stop you from getting the premium care that is available. Teeth cleaning costs in Los Angeles are, in most cases, only payable by insurance companies and should never result in routine cleaning procedures being delayed or avoided.