Women like to be in command

Soldier at the KSK: "This is the best job in the world"

Do you annoy that your work is so in the shadows and out of the public eye?
I'm not someone who needs to be in the spotlight and in the center. I do not mind that. That is also part of the contractual basis when you come to us here. You just have to look - and that is one of the selection criteria, for example - are people so talkative that they bring everything out in public, or can they keep things to themselves? Did you understand why it is not possible to tell things that just cannot be told at the moment?

In doing so, of course, we also protect people again. Ourselves and everyone who worked with us. Also: whoever is here knows that he is good. He gets confirmation from within. Perhaps even this confirmation from within is sometimes worth much more than any confirmation from outside.

But you will never dispel the myths with this picture out there that KSK soldiers are muscle-packed Rambos ...
Let's put it this way: I think it doesn't hurt if a few things remain a little mysterious. Perhaps that is also one of the reasons why people come to us here. Because they want to belong. But it can't go so far that you don't reveal anything at all. That is also wrong. A little bit of mystery is important and right, but there must also be some visible part.

It is then only necessary to sort out those people who come just because of that. We don't want any action cowboys here! On the other hand, we have tradition-building in the KSK for us, but also for the Bundeswehr. I think we can contribute a lot here.

What is everyday life like in Calw? It's not an operation every day.
We have different phase models that a commando soldier, but also our support soldiers, have to go through in a certain period of time. At some point he comes to the phase where he is responsible for the task of rescuing hostages in his company. Then the time comes when he goes on a mission. Then there is another time when he can be there for himself and his family.

It is very important for us to take people out and say: "Now you will take care of your family and yourself for a while." So the man has a set schedule over several months, if not years, in that he does different and then the same things over and over again in a cycle.