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New year, new me ?!

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The good intentions
The year is coming to an end, the holidays are almost over: delicious food, contemplative moments, switch off, lean back. And review the past year. Whether you like it or not: The time between Christmas and New Year's Eve stands still a little, days are blurring and everywhere annual reviews, resolutions for the coming year and plans about plans. The look into the future, the sharpening of a vision, the thirst for action for everything new is never as great as it is now. Let's use this moment!

Your moment is now
New year, new me? Ask yourself: Are you satisfied with the status quo or do you want to change something? And if so, what exactly? Let's leave the hurdles behind and concentrate on looking ahead: that's where we want to go! Realizing dreams and ideas and implementing plans, that's what it's all about. Be it a career change, the desire to finally get fitter or to work on nutrition. Almost anything is possible, it really is. Each of us has the energy within himself and has the tools at hand that are needed for the individual project. There are hundreds of success stories of people who have changed their lives and made it big or simply achieved their personal goal. They all have the same starting point: at some point they just decided to get started. 3, 2, 1, go. Step one was taken. That moment paved the way and led to step two. Then came the next, and so on. All stories have this in common, all changes are based on a desire to change something and the moment of the actual decision. No matter how big the change, how far away the goal is. Even if it's just going to exercise twice a week. Eat more vegetables and less sugar. Quit smoking. Skipping the chips in the evening. Follow the ketogenic diet. Swap pizza for salad. Everything starts with a conscious moment of decision: I'll do this now. Just like that and very consciously.

So you stay tuned
What helps? How do we stay on the ball? Writing down an idea or wish can help. To formulate a credo too. To build a vision board to visualize what the goal should look like. Or what feels better once a change has been made. How will I feel if I exercise regularly? How will more vegetables affect my health? What does a life without smoking look like? Make a note of all of this and the solutions will come up on their own - or you can research for them.

We can help you on the way to your new keto self: With our food table, tips on starting with keto and the most important information, our recipes on our blog, with our experience reports or interviews, with background information on sugar consumption. With our delicious keto-friendly bars that don't weigh as heavy as conventional chocolate bars. We look forward to being part of your journey. And believe in yourself that you too will go your way.

If you would like to share this, please write us an email, we look forward to testimonials. And if you have any questions, you can write to us at any time, including on Instagram of course. Whatever your plan is: get on with it and make it happen! And enjoy the trip and be proud of yourself! To a great 2021!

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