What is the most powerful weapon


weapons are items that can be picked up by the player to cause additional damage to creatures and other players.

In principle there is the possibility in Minecraft to inflict damage with a weapon in close combat or in long-range combat. There are many options for close combat, with swords being the best choice in relation to attack speed and attack damage, while axes, on the other hand, cause the most attack damage. All weapons are also made of different materials (wood, gold, stone, iron, diamond or netherite), which also influences the attack damage and z. T. even takes on the attack speed.

The bow is the main ranged weapon in the game. In order to be able to use it, arrows are required in the inventory. With the appropriate bow tension, the bow is even the most powerful real weapon and surpasses it with up to 10 () Damage the already strong ax. Other ranged weapons are the crossbow, the trident and, but only for shorter distances, the throwing potion.

All weapons can be obtained either through crafting, through drops of slain monsters, or through trade. With the exception of the hoes, these weapons can also be enchanted to greatly enhance their properties. With a bow, at a high level of enchantment, it is even possible to kill most creatures with a single aimed shot. Weapons also wear out as they are used, until they have finally used up all of their durability points and are destroyed. To prevent this from happening, they can be repaired.

In addition to the weapons already mentioned, you can misuse certain items that cause damage in some way or whose properties could be useful in combat. As a result, a falling anvil can cause massive damage with a targeted hit or snowballs, eggs and fishing rods can help one or the other enemy to fall deeply through their recoil. Lava and fire can also wreak havoc if used correctly. The player doesn't even have to be directly involved at all times; With a thrower together arrows and throwing potions up to TNT can be used as stationary weapons.

The shield is the only weapon in Minecraft that can be picked up by the player to block damage from creatures and other players. Through the under Use / place configured key (by default by right-clicking) you can hold it in front of you. Enemies attacking from the side on which you are holding the shield will not cause the player any damage, but instead reduce the durability of the shield. You can also paint banner patterns on shields.


Damage values ​​[edit]

When choosing your melee weapon you should pay close attention to whether pure attack power, speed or possibly a balance is most important. The main thing is to choose between the balance of attack speed and attack damage with the swords, and the massive attack damage with the axes. When it comes to ranged weapons, there is only one really efficient option with a bow and arrow. It is also important to note that swords and axes as well as bows can be upgraded accordingly by enchantments. All shovels and some enchanted weapons do not have integer damage values. These are processed internally unchanged, only when shown in the player's life display is always rounded up to the nearest half heart.

Damage dealt in close combat
weapon Attack speed Attack strength Damage per second[Note 1]
Trident 1,1 9 () 9,9
Axes 0,8 1,0 0,8 0,9 1,0 7 ()9 () 5,6 7,0 7,2 8,1 9,0
Swords 1,6 4 ()5 ()6 ()7 ()8 () 6,4 8,0 9,6 11,2 12,8
Shovels 1,0 1,6 2,5 3,5 4,5 5,5 6,5 2,5 3,5 4,5 5,5 10,4
Pickaxes 1,2 2 ()3 ()4 ()5 ()6 () 2,4 3,6 4,8 6,0 7,2
Chop 1,0 2,0 3,0 4,0 1 () 1,0 2,0 3,0 4,0
All other 4,0 1 ()4,0
Damage dealt in ranged combat
weapon Attack strength
Falling anvilDepending on the height of fall 2 () until 20 ()
bow and arrowDepending on the arc voltage 1 () until 10 ()
Crossbow and arrow6 () to 11 ()
Crossbow and firework rocketDepending on the number of fireworks stars5 () to 18 ()
Trident8 ()
Arrow through thrower4 ()
Thrown snowballOnly against Lohen3 (), otherwise 0 ()

Snowballs and eggs do no harm to players and most creatures, but are used in multiplayer to knock back other players.

  1. ↑ Due to the 10 ticks (0.5 seconds) lasting invulnerability of each creature after it has received damage, this maximum value can only be reached when fighting different creatures at the same time. Against a single creature, these three melee weapons can inflict a maximum of 2.0 damage per second.

Cooldown [edit]

Cooldown or Cool down refers to the property of a weapon (or a tool) that it cannot be used again with full effect immediately after a blow or a change in the hand.

Achievements [edit]

History [edit]

Damage before full version1.9 [edit]

Before the Combat update all weapons had higher damage values. This came e.g. In part, therefore, that the damage they cause to the player's already existing attack strength of 1 () was added and did not replace it, as is the case now. In general, the weapons caused more damage at that time because there was no attack speed and theoretically you could strike as often as you like with full force within a second. Only in the fight against a single being did the invulnerability already existing at that time limit the "damage per second" to twice the respective attack strength. Heels had no special values ​​that set them apart from ordinary objects. In addition, there were no shields back then, instead 50% of most damage could be blocked with a sword.

Version history of the Java Edition
Full version 1.9
  • Added shields that can be used as protective weapons.
  • The damage done by tools and weapons has changed.
  • Tools now count as weapons if they are used as such.
    • But then 2 durability points are deducted from them.
  • New defensive attack type when moving slowly: nearby creatures are repulsed when using a sword.
  • New offensive attack type: Players' shields can be temporarily overridden when attacking them with an ax.
  • Added attack speed information to item descriptions.
  • Different attack speeds and strengths for different tools. Hoes are the fastest but only slightly stronger than before, with axes being much stronger but taking a long time to charge.
  • The values ​​of weapons and tools have been changed again.
    • The attack strength of hoes is now always 1 () and the attack speed now changes depending on the material.
  • Armor points are now worth a little less.
    • Maximum (20) armor point damage reduced from 80% to 66%.
      • Each armor point only reduces damage at a base value of 3.3% (previously 4%).
  • The calculation of the damage reduction of armor has been changed so that it absorbs less damage from stronger hits and vice versa.
    • Armor now has a damage value.
      • For each heart that receives an attack above this damage value, half a heart less is absorbed by the armor in the attack.
      • For each heart that receives an attack below the damage value, half a heart more is absorbed into the armor in the attack.
  • Tool and weapon damage has changed slightly.
Full version 1.11.1(16w50a)