Which is the best wallet

Wallet test - so that the mice are safely stored - comparison of the best wallets 2021

What is a purse?

Essentially a purse is easy a pocket for the bills and coins. Often the money cards and other papers are also included. The term “purse” or “purse” should not be taken too literally. As important everyday objects, these wallets are irreplaceable. There are now noble leather purses and sturdy nylon purses that adapt to the individual style of the owner.

The classic wallets can be opened to get to the change and the bills. In the case of the smaller exchanges, there is sometimes only one compartment for the notes, while the coin compartment is dispensed with. Large wallets offer additional space for business cards, special loyalty cards and many other things.

How does a wallet work?

The function of the purse shows up mainly in the way they are folded or closed. To access the compartments, you usually have to open the wallet in the middle. The large note compartments are open at the top, but by folding the wallet, the notes cannot be easily pulled out. That offers the users some security.

The coin compartment often has a snap fastener or zipper so that nothing can fall out. In addition, most wallets are equipped with slide-in compartments that offer space for credit cards, debit cards, customer cards, etc.

Depending on the size, the wallet can often be tucked into the back pocket of the trousers. This works at least with the flat models, which are relatively narrow in shape. This is often the bifold walletswhich are collapsed by being folded once. In contrast, will the trifold exchanges folded twice. They have even more compartments, but are much thicker overall. So they are unsuitable for the pocket. However, if you are traveling with a messenger bag, such a large wallet is no problem.

With some modern wallets from a test in 2021 there are additional functions that improve safety and operation. For example, they have more chip card slots or they have an extra inner case that can be removed if necessary. With EC cards and other chip cards, many users want improved protection because they fear that strangers will have access to their data. For this reason, some innovative wallets are secured with scan protection. This consists of a coating in the wallet that prevents reading by prohibited scan programs.

In the case of the large purses, there are also some Carrying straps integrated, which convert the wallet into a clutch.

Vaultskin Kensington passport cover tested - absolute RFID protection combined with a slim and elegant design

Advantages & areas of application

The areas of application of the pursel from a test are not limited to everyday errands. Even here, the indispensable companions have a lot to do. They make you go to the supermarket checkout quickly the money or the debit card ready, they help with shopping in the city and also with the trip to work.

When traveling or at an exclusive dinner in the restaurant, your wallet is of course always with you. Are particularly popular the leather pursesbecause they are very durable. Smooth leather is particularly in demand. With a clever division and the correct sorting, the users have a good overview of their finances. A quick check is enough to determine whether there is enough money in your wallet to refuel or whether you have to pay by card.

KRONIFY men's wallet put to the test - the wallet's integrated NFC and RFID blocker protects you from data theft

The folding method and the closure systems of the purse from a test ensure that you don't lose your cards or your cash. The locks also serve as protection against theft.

So that the purse itself does not disappear, you should either carry it close to your body or transport it in a lockable shoulder bag.

In compact format or as an XXL wallet: The wallet from a test in 2021 score with their longevity, their functional layout and easy handling. If you want to have it even more secure, you can opt for a neck pouch or place your wallet in a belt pouch. If it is invisible to pickpockets - be it under your clothes or in an inside pocket - the risk of being robbed is reduced.

Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet tested - handmade from luxury Italian leather with RFID blocking by Vaulzkin

What types of purses are there?

The wallet from a test in 2021 differ in their material, by the size and its features. Of course, the design must also be listed, which divides the wallets into classic and innovative models.

In addition to the timeless wallet made of smooth leather, there are also wallets made of synthetic leather or soft leather patchwork. The wallets made of sturdy nylon or another hard-wearing textile material are also popular.

The diversity is also evident at the locking and folding systemsthat ensure that on the one hand no money is lost and on the other hand you have quick access to the content yourself.

The classic of the wallet is the foldable wallet that is available in landscape, portrait or square format. Sometimes this wallet also has a snap fastener so that it does not accidentally open. This wallet has one or two compartments for the bills, a lockable compartment for the coins and a few slots for the cards. Sometimes there are fold-out compartments available that allow you to take even more cards with you.

KRONIFY men's wallet in the test - cowhide leather and extra thick seams for a long service life and a comfortable fit

The advantages of the classic wallets from a test:

  • practical handling,
  • Security,
  • fits in your pocket.

The disadvantages:

  • possibly limited storage space.

Elongated, large purses are particularly popular with women. Here is lots of space available, to pocket change and banknotes. Often there are ten or more compartments, making it easy to keep them tidy. In addition, some of these XXL wallets have another large compartment for small items. With their length of 20 cm, these wallets almost look like a clutch.

Vaultskin Kensington passport cover tested - there are also 2 secret compartments to accommodate your 2 most important cards

The advantages of the big wallet:

  • lots of storage space,
  • many compartments for more order,
  • nice replacement for a small handbag.

The disadvantages:

  • partly unwieldy,
  • need more space in the shoulder bag.

When it comes to the small purses, the focus is on the space-saving format, which is why they have often just one or two subjects. Some of these purses actually look like small pouches and have a snap lock. Others fold up without a clasp and only store the bills.

Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet put to the test - slim and handy

The advantages of small purses:

  • find a place everywhere (trouser pocket, jacket pocket),
  • quickly at hand,
  • easy operation without looking.

The disadvantages:

  • little space,
  • limited use.

As a special model is still the trucker wallet to call. This can be hooked onto the belt with a chain.

Vaultskin wallet in practical test

Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet brown leather with RFID protection tested

Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet put to the test - elegantly packaged

Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet tested - handmade from luxury Italian leather with RFID blocking by Vaulzkin

Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet put to the test - the secure and high-quality metal zipper, the coin compartment and the strong key hook protect everything you need on the go

Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet tested - suitable for up to 12 cards plus cash, coins and small items such as keys, memory cards and SIM cards

Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet put to the test - slim and minimalist, your Kensington fits in every handbag or pocket

This is how the purses were tested

A test of the wallet deals with the nature of these accessories, their practical use and their appearance. After all, everyone wants to find a wallet that fits their individual needs exactly. The division of the purse is based on the organizational talent of the owner, at the same time the wallet itself can be a kind of indicator for more order. We can not do a general one Purse comparison winner but give customers some important help in their search. In addition to quality, it is also about the individual presentation of the wallets.

Vaultskin Kensington passport cover put to the test - large outer pockets for your boarding pass or banknotes

The size

Some purses are available in XXL format, but most of the time, buyers opt for the standard size. Which the "right size" is, we cannot say, since everyone has different ideas about his Wallet test winner Has. In any case, the diverse dimensions of the accessories indicate the possibilities the range offers.

Very large purses are often used in the catering trade. You have to hold the bills for the high bills but also the coins for the correspondingly smaller food or drink bills.

The size of the wallet says something not only about the storage space, but also about how you transport it. The larger the wallet, the more space it needs, so that from a certain size it no longer fits in your pocket. It can also run short in the inside pocket of the jacket. That is why a large wallet only makes sense if you keep it in a shoulder bag or briefcase. If necessary, a breast pocket is also the right solution, but it shouldn't be too big either.

Vaultskin Kensington passport cover tested - 2 additional compartments in the wallet for 4+ cards opposite your passport

The subjects or the division

The inner workings of the wallet ensure a quick overview and for a certain basic order. The money compartments are reserved for bills and coins. There are also card slots for credit cards and ID cards, customer cards, driver's licenses and other documents.

The compartments should be arranged correctly so that nothing falls out while handling. If the change or cards slip out when you move the wrong way, then the manufacturers have not thought through the wallet system properly. It is also important that the subjects are precisely worked. Compartments that are too tight cannot be used, but if they are too large, they do not offer enough support.

Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet tested - the inner compartment offers space for up to 6 additional cards

The closures

The locking systems are available to the users several options to choose from. There is often a snap or a small zipper for the change compartment. The nylon wallet can also be a Velcro fastener. Some locks are also available for the note compartments and card compartments. This means that it takes a little longer to remove, but you can be sure that nothing will be lost.

The material was an important criterion in every test

Luxurious leather with a flattering feel is something for the discerning buyer. But the standard wallets made of smooth leather also impress with their grip and long-lasting properties. In a test of the wallet external test persons also took a closer look at some artificial leather products that are also impressive. Plastic wallets made of nylon have a lot of friends, especially with younger people, because they are extremely hard-wearing and look sporty and cool.

Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet put to the test - premium quality, stylish design

The design

The classic, timeless wallets are typically leather wallets in brown, black or beige. Wine red and gray are also common. Both men and women like to opt for these subtle accessories that adapt to every style and do not attract attention. The buttons, the brand label or other elements are often made of shiny metal and round off the look.

Women in particular like it upbeat sometimes. Then they opt for colorfully designed wallets that are absolutely functional in their shape and with the inside, but appear as smart accessories on the outside. Sometimes the brand logos are part of the design, with others the manufacturer's lettering is only marginally noticeable. Depending on the style, several colors can be combined with one another or incorporated applications embellish the wallet. For the perfect look, the ladies like to match their wallet with their handbag. This works best when both are from the same manufacturer, e.g. from the fashion brand Anna Field.

The purses for children are also adorned with appliqués from time to time. Even the basic color shows that this is a children's wallet. With a cartoon motif or a film character on it, it becomes clear what the child is enthusiastic about.

Impressions from our test - wallet from TRAVANDO

Wallet men with money clip by TRAVANDO

TRAVANDO wallet men with money clip put to the test - RFID protection for all cards

TRAVANDO wallet men with money clip in the test - 11 card slots

TRAVANDO wallet men with money clip in the test - slim dimensions: 11.4 x 8.2 x 2.3 cm (closed and empty)

TRAVANDO wallet men with money clip in the test - material: premium synthetic leather

What should I look out for when buying a wallet?

A purse Test 2021 clarifies the variety of these accessories and at the same time should help with the selection. When looking for a suitable wallet, you should first make a list that contains all your wishes. Among other things, this includes the number of compartments, the minimum and maximum dimensions and the materials that come into question.

Leather is and will remain the favorite among these accessories. That depends on the one hand the durability and the good care properties the natural material together, on the other hand with the pleasant grip. There is a third reason to choose a leather wallet: With its fine structure, the material always looks good.

The selection is also based on the color tones. While the men often use the muted color nuances, the women also rummage through the other colors. Regardless of the choice of color, you should pay attention to the fittings: They may look attractive, but they can sometimes be a nuisance. Even a small metal trademark that is located at the very edge may prevent it from being tucked into the trouser pocket. It could tear the fabric of the trousers and also leave scratches on the hand when you pull out the wallet.

Vaultskin Notting Hill wallet put to the test - elegantly packaged

Brief information on leading manufacturers

The top brands in wallets include, for example Chiemsee, Fossil and Guess. Those who rely on high quality will find what they are looking for at Bruno Banani, Bugatti and Liebeskind. Fashion manufacturers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Marc O’Polo also offer beautiful wallets that harmonize with their other collections. The wallets of the bag and luggage brands are also interesting. Here, above all, is the internationally known manufacturer Samsonite to call.

Vaultskin Kensington passport cover tested - comes in a sturdy gift box with the Vaultskin logo

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my wallet?

The internet doesn't just offer a huge selection of accessories, it also helps with targeted searches. For this purpose, the online shops have special filters that can be used to preset the desired size and color. With a click on the sorting function, the selected wallets are then listed according to their priority. So you can find the particularly cheap or popular wallets without a long search.

On the internet, the purses are often used presented with many photos, so that you hardly miss the direct reputation.If you still want to see the wallet “live”, you can also buy it in the shop. The range in the department stores and also in the specialty shops for bags is relatively extensive, even if it cannot keep up with the online range. In addition, you have to browse through all the products here and cannot simply use a filter.

The prices in the store and on the Internet are comparable, but online it is easier to separate the cheap from the expensive purses. Otherwise, ordering on the Internet is simply faster. Immediately after the selection, the favorite is added to the shopping cart and a few clicks further the goods are already ordered. Depending on the delivery method and payment method, the wallet may bedelivered the very next day.
If an exchange is due, most offer Online retailers a convenient reverse transaction at. Sometimes you don't even have to pay the shipping costs.

Men's leather wallet from KRONIFY in a practical test

KRONIFY men's leather wallet, black with gift box tested

KRONIFY men's wallet tested - delivered in a high-quality gift box

KRONIFY men's wallet tested - dimensions: 11 x 9.6 x 2cm (closed and empty); Material: premium cow leather