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Practice Islam

The islam (Arabic: إسلام = devotion to God) is the only true and the best religion. That is why I recommend that you accept Islam and practice it! My website will help you with that.

Why should one accept and practice Islam?
1. The Prophet Mohammed (saas), to whom the Koran, the Islamic Book of Faith was revealed, was the most trustworthy and honest person who ever walked the earth. (He is man's best role model).
2. According to the first commandment, Muslims testify that there is no god but the one God (Allah), the Almighty Creator.
3. Islam also includes belief in the prophet and messiah Jesus, who is not God or God's Son.
4. There is truly no better and fairer legislation than the Islamic legal system (Sharia).
5. Practicing Islam saves from eternal torment or hellfire (Jahannam) in the hereafter.
6. A sensual paradise awaits the Muslim after death. There he receives 80,000 servants and beautiful paradise maidens as wives, who have wonderful, large, intensely black almond eyes and eagle-like eyes framed with black khol, with light, smooth skin, ruby-red lips, hair made of silk and large, well-formed breasts (cf. Quranic Sura 78:33). They are delicate and soft and shine like rubies. (For Muslim women there is also everything in the hereafter that they desire (cf. Koran Sura 41:31). In paradise there are carpets and pillows on which to rest and there are palms and golden trees with the most delicious fruits , cups with a heavenly drink and delicious poultry meat that one desires (cf. Koran sura 56:21) There are gardens through which streams flow and palaces made of gold and silver (cf. Koran sura 25: 10), including saffron, fragrant musk, precious gemstones and shiny pearls, there is everything you could wish for and no suffering, but eternal happiness (cf. Koran Sura 25:16).
7. Whoever practices Islam correctly will already enjoy excellent care from Allah in this world.
8. Islam educates us to be better people and gives inner peace and more than just false hope for a happy afterlife. This world religion is really the only true one and the best. I vouch for that with my name! (Tobias Faltermeier)

What do you have to do to become a Muslim?
1. Witness to the Islamic Creed (Shahada)
2. Performing the compulsory prayer (salad)
3. Donations of alms tax (Zakat)
4th fast in the month of Ramadan (hem)
5. Participation in the pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj)

In addition, as a Muslim one must also observe the following rules, among others:
- Prohibition of idolatry, associating a god with Allah, blasphemy and denial of God
- You are not allowed to create, venerate or worship any cult or idol (cf. Koran Surah 2: 256-257; 29:25; 98: 6), (*)
- Ban on the consumption of pork, blood, carrion and non-halal-certified meat, (cf. Koran Surah 2: 173; 5: 3; 6: 145), (*)
- Prohibition of hunting game during the pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj), (cf. Koran sura 5: 1)
- Prohibition of sorcery (magic) or the exploration of fate by drawing arrows, (cf. Koran sura 5: 3)
- Ban on the consumption of intoxicating substances, such as alcohol, nicotine or other intoxicants, (cf. Koran Surah 5:90), (*)
- Prohibition of games of chance (*), raffles and sacrificial stones, (cf. Koran sura 5:90)
- Prohibition of usury and the taking, giving and writing down of interest (Riba), (cf. Koran Surah 2: 275)
- Prohibition of prostitution, homosexuality, masturbation, incest, fornication (Sina) and extramarital intercourse, (*)
- Indecent women and indecent men must each mercilessly be whipped with a hundred lashes in front of believing spectators and may only marry idolaters or fornicators; who accuses innocent fornication by not being able to bring four witnesses should be punished with eighty lashes (cf. Koran Sura 24: 2-4)
- Adulterers must be stoned (cf. Bukhari 79: 6814; 79: 6829)
- Prohibition of suicide (suicide), (cf. Koran Surah 4:29)
- Prohibition of the shedding of blood and the mutual expulsion from the houses, (cf. Koran Sura 2:84)
- Prohibition of killing or insulting Muslims and their wards
- Prohibition of hypocrisy, apostasy from Islam or withdrawal of a Muslim from fighting in holy war (jihad)
- People of different faiths have to leave their old religion and convert to Islam (www.tigerpedia.de is a duty for everyone)
- Prohibition of fighting at the Holy Mosque, unless one is attacked there, (cf. Koran Surah 2: 191)
- Prohibition of seducing Muslims into disbelief; whoever does this must be killed (cf. Koran Sura 2: 191)
- Anyone who turns away from Allah's path must also be killed (cf. Koran Sura 4:89)
- Anyone who accidentally kills a believer must free a believing slave and pay blood money to his heirs
- The hands of the thief and the thief must be cut off (cf. Koran sura 5:38), (*)
- Prohibition of ingratitude and envy
- It is a duty to make a will and it is imperative to avoid making debts and sins
- Prohibition of hoarding gold and silver without using it in Allah's way or wasting wealth
- Prohibition of fraud, giving false or lesser amounts, incorrect weighing, breach of contract and bribery of authorities
- It is prescribed only to fear and (often) praise Allah, the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth
- Commandment of truthfulness, sincerity, justice, piety and patience
- Commandment to honor the parents, (appropriate) friendliness towards other people and avoid empty talk
- Commandment of loving contact with all creatures of Allah; (e.g. one may not torture animals), (cf. Bukhari 37: 2363; 37: 2365)
- Prohibition of negligence in prayer, eye service (Riyā ‘) and failure to provide assistance, (cf. Koran Sura 107: 5-7)
- Commandment of charity towards relatives, orphans, the hungry, needy, prisoners and those in need (Sadaqa)
- Prohibition of consuming the property of an orphan (cf. Koran Surah 4:10; 6: 152)
- Ban on making or listening to music, (cf. Bukhari 5590)
- One must never say of a thing: "I'll do it tomorrow" without adding: "InschaAllah" (= God willing!)
- After the Friday prayer (until Saturday evening) business operations should be stopped - (day of rest), (cf. Koran Surah 62: 9-11)
- ban on castration; Single people should be married (cf. Koran Sura 24:32), (*)
- The groom has to pay or give a bridal gift to his bride (cf. Koran Surah 4: 4)
- Bad women are only allowed to marry bad men and bad men are only allowed to marry bad women. And good women can only marry good men, and good men can only marry good women; (cf. Koran Sura 24:26)
- If you want to get married, you should completely refrain from eating meat - (no obligation)
- Prohibition of a Muslim woman marrying a man who is not a practicing Muslim
- Prohibition of the marriage of a Muslim man to a woman who is neither Muslim, Jewish nor Christian
- A man is not allowed to call his wife mother (cf. Koran Sura 58: 2-4)
- After every ejaculation accompanied by pleasure and arousal, sexual intercourse, menstruation, weekly flow, Islam conversion, death and possibly every Friday (Jumu’a) the full body washing (Ghusl Abdest) must be carried out
- Prohibition of anal intercourse and sexual intercourse during menstruation of women, (cf. Koran Surah 2: 222)
- Prohibition of termination of pregnancy
- A child's breastfeeding period is two full years and the child's father has to take care of the child's mother, her food and clothing in a benevolent manner, (cf. Koran Sura 2: 233)
- Believing men and women should lower their gaze to the ground and maintain their chastity, (cf. Koran Sura 24: 30-31)
- One should make room or stand up when asked to do so (cf. Koran Sura 58:11). During a funeral procession one should also rise from the square until it is over (cf. Bukhari 23: 1308; 23: 1310; 23: 1311)
- Contact with urine (urine), feces, vomit, pus (dog saliva), alcohol, carrion and pigs must be avoided
- Ban on drinking and eating from gold and silver dishes and sitting on silk cushions, (cf. Bukhari 67: 5634; 67: 5635)
- A man is not allowed to wear women's clothing, silk, gold or jewelry (exceptions are finger rings that are not made of gold)
- A man should be circumcised, cut his mustache and grow his jawbeard, (cf. Bukhari 70: 5892)
- A woman is not allowed to display her nakedness in public and she should cover her breast in public
- A woman is only allowed to put up her head hair as a bun (Al-Wafrah) in the presence of her husband (cf.Muslim 2128; Muslim 320)
- A woman is not allowed to dress like a man or imitate a man (cf. Bukhari 70: 5885)
- Men should shorten their scalp hair and women should not cut off their scalp hair all around (cf. Bukhari 70: 5885)
- One should remove armpit and pubic hair and shorten fingernails and toenails, (cf. Bukhari 70: 5890; 72: 6297)
- One must not pluck the gray hair from the head or beard of the man (cf. Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidi, Nasai)
- One must not dye one's hair black (cf. Muslim 2102); (light blonde to dark brown hair colors are recommended)
- It is recommended to apply khol (kajal) around the eyes, because this improves eyesight, (cf. Ibn Abû Schaiba 2: 304), (*)
- It is recommended to clean or brush your teeth with a Miswak (Siwak), (cf. Ibn Abû Schaiba 2: 296), (*)
- Prohibition of wearing wigs, opening interdental spaces and tattooing (cf. Muslim 37: 3961)
- One must not allow what Allah has forbidden and one must not prohibit what Allah has allowed (cf. Koran sura 5:87)
- Every Muslim is also obliged to convert others to Islam (Daawa)
- You should also visit the mosque every day and read or listen to the Koran, the Muslim book of faith

Every Muslim is also required to believe in the following six tenets:
- Belief in Allah (Arabic: al Ilah = the deity)
- Belief in the angels
- Belief in the books of revelation (Koran, Gospel, Torah, Psalms)
- Belief in the prophets (e.g. Mohammed, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, John the Baptist, Solomon, Jonas, and many more)
- Belief in the hereafter
- Belief in divine predestination

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