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Dog and cat: this is how they coexist

Who does not know the saying "How and and and Katz"? But it does not have to be that dog and cat "fight" and do not understand each other. But you should be aware that there are always copies - regardless of whether Dog or cat - can give who do not understand each other. You should then accept this and not necessarily want to get it done by bend and break.

At a Bringing dogs and cats together Of course, it also depends on who came first. How old is the dog or the cat? Do dogs and cats each know the other species? So there are a few things to consider. In general, you cannot say what is easiest, whether a cat first, or the dog, or maybe even both at the same time. That always depends on the animal and the circumstances.


Like cat and dog: the cat came first

Basically, however, you should pay attention to a few things:

  • Is the Cat first and doesn't know any dogs yet, you should definitely have one Possibility of retreat to offer.
  • Very few cats greet the newcomer dog happily. Usually there is a big fuss, hissing loudly and you should be careful in the situation that the cat does not attack the puppy or older dog.
  • A puppy will usually be curious and will definitely take a closer look at this theatrical creature. And that can literally go into the eyes of the little one. A cat can cause dangerous injuries to a dog's face.
  • At a older dog it should be noted that he might try to grab the cat, even if he is used to cats.

Dog comes first - cat should come

If you first have a dog and now want to put a cat in front of him, you should make sure that it can look at the new surroundings in peace and quiet without a dog.

If you are not sure how the dog might react to the cat, it is advisable to put on a muzzle at the beginning (which he should already know and like before the cat comes into the house) so that the danger of a bite is averted .

There are enough dogs that would not hesitate to bite a cat that they consider a hunting object, even dead. You should always be aware of that. But even if the dog wears a muzzle, that doesn't mean that you can let go of it on the cat all at once. Even without being able to bite, he can cause injuries to the cat with his paws.

In addition, getting to know where the cat is first chased and killed by the dog is not the best start. Neither do you want the cat to scratch the eyes of the newcomer dog. For that one should towards any calm behavior Reward cat and so "feed the newcomer cat nicely".

You should stay calm and relaxed yourself, but still not underestimate the situation. But it doesn't help if you hectically and nervously only have the worst on your mind and only make the animals unnecessarily nervous. The first days you should either be at home, or if that is not possible, keep your dog and cat separate if you are not sure whether something could happen in your own absence.

Usually the first excitement will subside within 2 to 3 weeks. Then the right one begins Getting to know each other. Dog and cat have to learn to understand each other. Both types communicate with each other differently and must first learn this "foreign language". It can take months for both of them to be a well-rehearsed team and understand each other.

If it doesn't work out between dog and cat

As mentioned at the beginning, it can also happen that it does not work at all. You usually see this within the first 1 to 2 weeks. You are doing yourself and the animals a disservice, but if you think you have to keep the newcomer (no matter if dog or cat).

In such a situation you prove great when you bring the animal back or to another family. gives. If the dog and / or cat suffer from it, it is a misunderstood love of animals.

Author: Melanie Weber-Tilse

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